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Martin Chalk

Australian living in NYC with a love of traveling to remote places. All photos, drone work and video are taken by myself unless otherwise credited.

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This is Saundi Island in Papua last year. You won’t find it on many maps. It’s very remote and uninhabited. Before taking these photos my dear friends Christina, Charlotte, Camille1 and Camille1A filled 4 huge bags with trash that were above the high water mark. Shampoo bottles, flip flops, fishing nets, styrofoam, soda, oil and water bottles etc. If one of the most beautiful and remote beaches on the planet has this pollution problem what is going to be left for our grandchildren. Time to act. And act seriously.

This is me returning from fishing. Note the distinct lack of fish. I only do catch and release. But I didn’t even catch any to release. Lots to learn but as an animal lover I wasn’t too worried. The beautiful light captured by @brookegarnett

Hiking back to the lodge. Still have so many photos from recent trips I haven’t looked at yet. This beautiful, remote valley was recently ‘discovered’ and used for a major upcoming Disney film.


The video version of my last post of the hidden waterfall. It’s worth waiting until the end to see the remote location. It’s encouraging to know these stunning places still exist if you’re prepared (and of course lucky/fortunate enough) to get a chance to go search for them. Let’s look after our fragile planet for the next generations.

Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Photos from last month of one of the more remote southern Fijian islands. We took a boat for a couple of hours to the small dock in the first photo and then hiked up and swam in a hidden waterfall (2nd photo). The colors are naturally that saturated. @mayamayatravel

Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Sth. Pacific nights and days. From last month. Just getting around to downloading some of these. The Sth. Pacific islands of Fiji remain unspoiled and the locals work hard to keep it that way. They are a good example of people and nature co-existing relatively harmoniously.

From last month, Brooke returning in her waders after a very relaxing day of trout fishing. No fish but lots of laughs. The remarkable hotel is The Lindis New Zealand

Cendrawasih Bay (Teluk Cendrawasih)

Confused as to what this is? Swipe left. It’s a P38 Lightning from WWII in 3m (10ft) of crystal clear water in West Papua from a trip late last year. The bizarre thing is that there are 3 evenly spaced planes all in a row. Maybe they all ran out of fuel or maybe they were all fed up with the war and ditched in Paradise. The planes were perfectly intact and the pilots would definitely have walked/swam away.

Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Fiji Blues. 2 weeks ago. No edits. Clarendon filter.

Milford sound , Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

This series of 3 photos will give any pilot sweaty palms. Our helicopter pilot had to find a way through the dense clouds on the right of the mountain. Photo 2 shows what can happen if you don’t find a hole. The mountain tops are buried in the clouds. You come down through the blanket of cloud and there’s a mountain. Photo 3 shows the Milford Sound Fjord and the challenging runway the fixed wing guys have to make first go. There are no go arounds as there is a cliff at end I shot this from. . Not easy and I have a lot more respect for Kiwi pilots after going through this.

Lindis Pass, New Zealand

This is Brooke @brookegarnett hard at work fly fishing on a pristine New Zealand river in a very remote valley. @mayamayatravel

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Returning to The States, after a work trip to Australia, via The Land Of The Long White Cloud aka New Zealand. My first visit and I very impressed. @mayayatravel

Sheldon Mountain House and Chalet

The summit of Denali from the Ruth Glacier. It’s rare to be able to see America’s highest peak from base to summit on such a beautiful day. This was from last year but just noticed it. @sheldonchalet @mayamayatravel

Ultima Thule Lodgers

From last year. Our pilot returning to his single seater plane (which he squeezes 3 people in caterpillar style , one behind the other with our wrapped outside the one in front We landed on a slightly dodgy glacier and tied the plane down with a rope looped through a hole we cut in the ice. This was an amazing day. @mayamayatravel

I hope the dog knows where to go. BTW droning in a snowstorm is not advised.

Dunton, Colorado

And one more night photo from Dunton. The pool house with steam coming out of cracks in the roof. Apart from turning up the exposure a little this is not edited. This place is a fairytale winter wonderland. 3s f4 ISO800 using Sony FE 16-35 f2.8 GM

Dunton Hot Springs

One of the more bizarre photos I’ve taken. Look in the door. Yes it’s steam and vines. The house sits over a pool of natural hot mineral spring water. I added a Juno filter but otherwise no edits, just a long exposure on a tripod. After lying in the deep snow at midnight for about an hour trying to get this shot I would have loved to have jumped in that spring. @mayamayatravel @duntonhotsprings

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