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Adventure seeker Positive open mind Pig & Dog Dad Bang Weights Do work @trollcoclothing @savage.tacticians Code: MM20

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Lawrence, Kansas

Of all the I like to do, loading up my gear, loading up on coffee and heading out on the dirtbike somewhere new is my favorite. Being able to go somewhere that would take a day on foot and unreachable by truck is done in 30 minutes on a KTM.


Papa & bub Van life 2019

Macedonia, Iowa

Tom Cruise ain’t .

Kansas City, Missouri

Time flies. Things change. Dogs just get better.

Dallas, Texas

Been a of a ride with down south family. 📸: @gary_babich

6 months ago I bought a 7.3l turbo diesel ambulance with the dream of traveling full time for a minimum of a year while living in the van and hauling the dirt bikes to take us anywhere we want to go. Didn’t share much about it because people would think I was crazy to leave everything I have going on in life but I knew it was my path. Since then I’ve dumped thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours working day, night and weekend to make it happen and it’s coming together. Working on the interior buildout next while I wait for 4x4 conversion parts to jack it up another 6” and put it on 35” tires. It’ll have full solar and be completely outfitted. Anyway there are big things to come but here’s a sneak peak at my latest obsession. Cheers.

Livin’ simple in the sun.

Kansas City, Missouri

Bikes back, bags packed, ready to hammer. Moto’d it out a bit and ditched the fairing since I’ve shattered two this year. Threw on a custom light bar and a @kchilites headlight for some down home 4x4 glitter. Feels good, rides good, looks good.

Me and Dagr have the same birthday. I just worked a regular day and spared some time to hang with him and go ride. 34 is weird. It’s the best time of my life but there is a lot of pressure to slow down and it’s just not something I want to do. I’ve lived the hard way and made a lot of mistakes but I’ve avoided a lot too. No kids, no divorces, no ties that bind that aren’t good. I’ve been working hard to take a year off and travel the country/world and I’m about to pull the throttle back a bit more. I’m happy to be alive, happy to know many of you, and I’m gonna take the wisdom of 34, make love like I’m 24, party like I’m 21, and laugh like a kid. Keep breathing. Keep fighting.

It’s just warm enough to make the ground soup but I got to take the dirtbike out for a short spin and roost my way up some good hills. Also took the Harley out for a city cruise. March, please don’t around. . .

Artificial cave climbing in a real underground cave. Ironic and tight. Ol’ girl strong as .

I can’t wait for this summer. All terrain escape vehicle is now complete and I can’t wait to go shred around the entire country and hurt myself. . . .

The English wheel is the tool every guy wants to have but probably don’t know how to use it. Takes a years of practice to really be useful. Started a tank stretch tonight for a local 1%er. Not my style but on the stretched out choppers I guess it looks proper and adds a gallon of gas.

Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado

Hot springs make the top 5 list of ways to start your day.

Rocky Mountain National Park West Entrance

Maybe a snowmobile or snow bike can fit in the garage? Like I reallly need one.

Grand Lake, Colorado

Sledding through the Rockies today was so awesome. Plowing whoops at 50mph was rad. Got the unit up to 70mph on the flat before it topped out. Then I buried the sled in 5’ of powder and we had to hand dig and drag it out. @kristiemccready wanted to me.

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