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Everyday carry gear, designed for hard use, guaranteed for life. USA made.

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Rockford, Washington

Heading out to , 1st photo: black DLC, light navy Titankote, ORB brown Titankote, gloss sand Titankote, True Gold Titankote, polished, and sandwashed. Spyderco short and Para3 configurations. 2nd pic are coatings in progress: light diamondplate, dark diamondplate, brown diamondplate, Palouse green, 'Neverlost' orange, and USMC red. Sorry for the gap between the last available parts. I've got most of the kinks worked out so availability will be more consistent. Thanks to all who have stuck it out w me! V1.2 and V2.0 All Access Passes should be available in less than 2 weeks.

Pleasant Grove, Utah

@BladeHQ has a bunch of Spyderco and Benchmade clips up. Thanks to my man @bladehqtim for helping a little guy like myself try to make it.

Makita sprint run collection

Rockford, Washington

Thanks for everyone who joined in on the Emerson cow collaboration. Can you DM with your mailing address @ckrites ? I need to mail you a knife☺ Photo credit: @cristiano

Rockford, Washington

Occasionally someone will email me with a Q about the easiest way to install a deep carry clip. This is the best way I've found. If you're worried about marking up your scale when you spin the clip around, a scrap of paper laid on the pinch point area will protect from potential scratches.

Rockford, Washington

Giveaway, as a small way of saying thanks for the support from the IG EDC community. Emerson Mini CQC-7BW. To enter, post a comment on what kind of cows those are in the background. I'm actually not sure myself, so I'll have one of my kids pick a random post sometime this weekend.

Rockford, Washington

Thanks for all the support. I sincerely appreciate it. To anyone who wanted a V3.0 and wasn't able to get one, please shoot me an email. Ill hold either a v1.2 or V2.0 for you from my next batch. It stresses me out when people have been so patient and then don't get one. Shooting for Sept/Oct.

Rockford, Washington

Thanks again to everyone who has expressed interest. With all the really great stuff out there, I sincerely grateful to everyone who buys something, or anyone who just says 'Hey, that's kinda cool.' My goal is to have these V3.0s up on tonight at 7 Pacific. Top to bottom: purple/bronze fade, blue, ice blue, teal green, natural ti. And ill have a really big batch of V1.2s and V2.0s ready toward the end of summer.

Rockford, Washington

Thnaks to everyone interested for your patience, and sorry for the delay in getting these V3.0 All Access Passes ready. My goal is to have them on tomorrow eve, but ill post here a couple hours before they go up as a heads up. They'll be $81 shipped. Steve @bladeswelove did the laser marking and they turned out nice. I only have about 100, but I do have a batch of 600 pcs of V1.2s and V2.0s that should be ready in September. Thanks again for the support, I sincerely appreciate it.

Avery, Idaho

User Endura

Rockford, Washington

Black Spyderco & Benchmade clips heading out to BladeHQ today ☺

My buddy Josh! Don't forget me when you're world famous bro

My favorite knife, a gift from my friend @notoriousedc . Still sharp a couple years out☺

Rockford, Washington

With a good lil' buddy on Fathers Day

Thanks to my man @practicatalyst for letting me borrow his to take measurements. I appreciate it LW.

Rockford, Washington

courtesy of my buddy @zachlikesknives . thanks Zach it's really good☺ the wallet is from @hitchandtimber, made by the man Michael himself, and it's beautiful. And my friend @mike45acp made the awesome dog tag.

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