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📌BRAIDS & CURLS 📌Naturalhair enthusiast 📌Curlyhair Care 📌Occasion/event Braiding 📌 FB ~ Loulibells Lovlies 🖤Mini me models ~ Eva & Lucas🇬🇧🇳🇬🇿🇼

(Amy) Loulibells Lovlies 🇬🇧 (@loulibells_lovlies_) Instagram photos and videos

List of Instagram medias taken by (Amy) Loulibells Lovlies 🇬🇧 (@loulibells_lovlies_)

~ Half ⬆️ Half ⬇️ bun Style ~ : Rope twist buns are defo one of my favs - super pretty, quick and easy! I did a fun zigzag part to make the look more fun ✌🏼 : Eva embracing them natural curls ➿ : Styled with cocoa & shea butter @orscurlsunleashed leave-in condition and @inecto_naturals divine shine coconut hair oil 🙏🏼 : Perfect school style for @trencitajohnson : : : : : : :

~ Wrapped Boxer Braids ~ : To jazz up our style but keep it in line with school we wrapped the braids in Eva’s school colours. Eva only wanted her braids wrapping half way down 🤷🏻‍♀️😆 still looks cute though 💯👌🏼 : I love double dutch braids, they are so practical and pretty. They also last for days when properly maintained. I use a at night to keep them neat 👍🏼 : Thanks to Adriana @little_princess_hairstyle and Maria @pretty_plaits_hair_design for the inspo to try this ✌🏼 : : :

✨~ B.A.R.C.E.L.O.N.A ~ ✨ : Girls holidays are always eventful! Barcelona offers the best of both worlds... total relaxation in our super beautiful hotel and wild nights out clubbing on the beach front 🎶🏖🍹such a beautiful city - it’s been a pleasure ✌🏼🙌🏼 : Low key dying since I arrived home 🤣 these are my only snaps - I was having too much fun to stop for pictures 💯😝 : : : :

🌈 3D pull through rainbow braid 🌈 : I’ve been out most the day doing hair for I decided to keep with the festival vibe and do some fun hair for Eva ✌🏼😝 : Alli @playbraids inspired me to get my multicoloured extensions out and try this super fabulous style ✨ : Last day of and I want to thank my insta partners Kim and Maria @loolooshair and @pretty_plaits_hair_design 😘 thank you for all the wonderful entries, i have seen some truly amazing, fun, elegant and creative styles 💯✌🏼 : : : : : : :

✌🏼 S.P.I.C.E • U.P • Y.A • L.I.F.E ✌🏼 : Relived my 90’s childhood seeing my fav ever girl band 🥰 @spicegirls 🇬🇧 they were as amazing as the last time I saw them 💯 : Went old school with my and crop top 😝✌🏼 : Finished my look with my fav and obviously some ✨ which would you have gone as? : Another post for todays space bun theme for hosting alongside the super fabulous Kim and Maria @loolooshair @pretty_plaits_hair_design : : : : : : : :

✨ Big Bright Braided Buns 🦄 : Only one way to style your hair when your off to a unicorn party and thats with... C.O.L.O.U.R 🌈 🥳 : I love space buns but sadly mine aren’t multicoloured 🙄😝 swipe to see us rocking the mum and daughter ‘hairstyle twin’ ✌🏼😝 : : All about the buns for todays - and as space buns are my fav i’m looking forward to seeing your creations. Hosting with the super lovely Kim and Maria @loolooshair @pretty_plaits_hair_design 🥰 : : :

~ Princess 👑 party 🥳 hair ~ : Outfit on point ✅ Hair on fleek ✅ S.P.A.R.K.L.E ✅ : I know a lot of mums are in the same boat with it being half term... but just wanted to say sorry for my lack of interaction! : Today i’m posting a fun bubble braid style which fits yesterday’s theme for hosting alongside my Kim @loolooshair and Maria @pretty_plaits_hair_design : Our go to mess free glitter ✨ from @girlzonefun and Eva’s fabulous jasmine outfit @disneylandparis Thanks to auntie @_alexandrajames : : : : : :

~ Pretty in Pigtails ~ : Cute combination of the 4 strand braid and bubble braid to fit in with yesterday’s theme and todays 👌🏼✌🏼 hope you like it? : Added our usual sparkle for Eva’s bestie using the fab @girlzonefun glitter ✨ : Such a shame you can’t see our amazing 🐝 bows 😣 by @perfect_bowsx : : : :

~ I 💜 a love 🖤 braid ~ : Rope twist topsy tail love heart style : is flying and I was particularly looking forward to today as I think love heart styles are so pretty! : Adore our mermaid bow by Kim @shoploolooshair - use code LOULIBELLS10 if you’d like some discount 🙋🏻‍♀️ : I used our super fab @girlzonefun glitter - it’s so easy to apply, totally mess free 💯 : : Belated HBD to Emily @braidinmanhattan thanks to Alli @playbraids for organising 🥳 : I’d also like to wish Ximena @soyximenanicole a happy 4th Birthday 🦄 thank you to @peinados_dianita for the invite 🎉 : : : : : : : : :

~ H.E.L.L.O C.U.R.L.S ~ : Serious hair envy 💯 : I added this beautiful bunny bow to fall in with - @perfect_bowsx 🎀 : —————————— HAIR ROUTINE ————-————— : 1️⃣ Washed with @ogxbeautyuk tea tree mint shampoo. An ultra hydrating formula to add moisture and strength to your hair 💁🏻‍♀️ 2️⃣ Once the shampoo is fully rinsed out we used a generous amount of @ogxbeautyuk tea tree conditioner. Work through the hair evenly, I also like to use the @wetbrushuk to ensure the hair is tangle free **TIP** start gently from the ends and work up to avoid breakage and discomfort) Leave to soak for 10 minutes. 3️⃣ Rinse hair thoroughly. To dry hair i wrap it in the @ 4️⃣ Once partially dry apply product(s) of choice. 5️⃣ Tonight I applied a generous amount of @orscurlsunleashed Coco & Shea butter Leave-In conditioning creme 6️⃣ I try to avoid heat where possible, leaving Eva’s hair to dry naturally. Whilst hair is drying occasionally scrunch hair with your hands. 7️⃣ Once the hair virtually dry i add a few pumps of @inecto_naturals Devine Shine Coconut hair oil 🥥 : : : : : : : :

But first... ‘let me take a S.E.L.F.I.E 💁🏻‍♀️ : The face behind the braider 🙋🏻‍♀️ Busy doing hair all day for the : Thought i’d share a for my 🎉 1st year on IG 🎉😝 : Thank you to everyone who follows and supports my page 🙏🏼 , i’m humbled by all the kindness I receive 💯 your all appreciate 💛 - I hope you continue to enjoy my page 💖 : : : : : :

~ Elegant Suspended Infinity ~ : I decided to add a pretty accent braid and also a low neat bun to really give this style an elegant finish, hope you like it? : This was my FIRST attempt at doing the suspended Infinity braid 👌🏼- i was surprised how straight forward it was 🙌🏼 thanks to Beth @sweethearts_hair for a great tutorial 🙏🏼 : I’ve finally got round to doing it Kim @loolooshair lol thanks to hosted by Kim, Maria @pretty_plaits_hair_design and Myself 💁🏻‍♀️ : : I’d like to congratulate Kim and Nikki for hitting 30K & 1K - your both fabulous thanks to Louise @perfectplaits2018 and Maria for organising 😀 : : :

😝 IF F.R.I.D.A.Y HAD A FACE 😬 : Plaited pigtails with Eva’s cute curly ends ✨ : so here’s Eva last summer giving me her best smile 😄 Happy Friday to you all and happy : I absolutely adore these kind of photos, as a mother it’s so nice to see your child happy and worry free doing ‘the best biggest smile’ wish I was as care free 🥰 : : : : : : : :

~ Braids & Buns ~ : When the bestie comes home from Bali and I braid her hair ready for her return to lovely nights 👩🏻‍⚕️ : Day 4 of is one of my favourite... LACE BRAIDS 🌟 : Thanks for all the fab entries, Kim @loolooshair Maria @pretty_plaits_hair_design and I are loving all your beautiful creative styles ❤️ : : : : :

✨ Jazzy French braids ✨ : I decided to add some bling to the classic double French braid 🤩 : Day 3 of - hope your all enjoying the fun challenge hosted by Kim, Maria and I @loolooshair @pretty_plaits_hair_design (from all the post i’m going to say you are 😀) we are seeing some awesome creative styles ❤️ : I’m sorry it’s not yellow @2.little.angels.hairstyles - i’ve only just seen your twin and of course i wanted to join! May they all rest in peace 🙏🏼😢 🐝💛 : Beautiful glitter bow by Kim @shoploolooshair to carry on our glitter theme. Super fabulous glitter by @girlzonefun ✨ : Eva loving her LOL top ✌🏼😀 : : :

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