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Proud American🇺🇸 Jesus saves! Check the Highlights for my discount codes! Owner of @sugar_creek_range Kentucky

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My Sling Management System in action with a @ferroconcepts slingster. Growing up my dad always taught me that it's not all about fashion but about functionality. So what if it may look bad. It gets the job done and that's why I love what I came up with here. They will be up for purchase very soon with a variety of camo options for the Tab if you wanna color match to your needs!😎 Stay tuned! @geissele @eotech @rosco_mfg @surefire_llc @coltfirearms @danieldefense @knightarmco

Fun in the sun with my @mossbergcorp 930 JM-Pro. Yee-Yee! I also pulled a 1.07 off camera. 📽 : @kklaskowski

I've shot a lot of cool guns in my life but theres just something about shooting your own that gets me. 📸 : @pixels_and_bullets

Sugar Creek Range

Check out this @mossbergcorp 930 JM-Pro Series. Super excited to start incorporating this into my daily training. What would you like to see me do with this? @jerrymiculek @cartuchosrio @baersolutions @sugar_creek_range

Working target transitions stationary at various distances. Really focusing on driving that gun to the next target as soon as I break each shot. Keeping a good trigger press straight and to the rear to get good accurate hits. This will aid in faster split times when you're striving to smoke the dude who's been on top at your local match.😉 - - @nevadaammunition @mod1firearms @trexarms @safarilandgroup @trijicon @tatargets @sugar_creek_range @freedom_gunsntrucks -

Why just blast away at a target with no intent of getting something out of it? Heres a way to Challenge yourself and set higher standards by decreasing the size of your target. This will increase the ount of focus that needs to be applied to be able to punch a hole where you want it to be. Reducing your target will show where your deficiencies are in your fundentals. Am I pushing or pulling, I anticipating the recoil, how is my sight alightment/sight picture, I pulling the trigger straight back and to the rear, I going too fast, etc. These are questions that will and should push you to either slow down just enough to correct as you're shooting or maybe stop to focus on the task you are trying to accomplish. The distance these were engaged at were between 3-5 yards with irons sights on a Glock 19. (Been awhile since I've ran just irons) - - @nevadamunition @safarilandgroup @mod1firearms @sugar_creek_range @trexarms - -

First time in a long time running an AK platform, especially doing reloads under a small amount of stress. I have found that going under the rifle to load the next round was way more efficient than going over the top. It'll keep the stock in and around the pocket of your shoulder and in return get you sending rounds back on target quicker and effectively . Pretty cool tool I'd like to spend more time on. I think I want one now. - - @sugar_creek_range @guns_and_funs - -

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