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Portland hall Lecture room, Lower Ground

Tuesday, I’m speaking w my friend Mark Boyle about his commitment to live without modern technology. Tuesday evening at the How To Academy in London. Link in bio in case you’d like to join us! His new, inspiring book is called The Way Home. 💚

Broughton Hall Estate


Ibo Island, Mozambique

Thinking of all the wonderful people I met in Mozambique - which has been hit by 2 cyclones this year. These photos are of Ibo Island (star shaped fort) where 95% of the homes have been destroyed. These people have so little, then it is swept away. Link in bio if you want to make a donation to a local charity which was recommended to me. Thank you 🖤💛

I have started a serious Instagr diet - reducing all my consumption of social media. I considered deleting Instagr entirely but I do like my community here (hi!) and sharing images from time to time - so I’ve decided using it much, much less is the best way forward. I’ve long been worried about the effect of social media on mental health, but now as its political impacts become clearer - it’s ability to threaten a healthy democracy - I feel the need to consciously resist. I recommend you watch @carole_cadwalladr TED talk if you want to understand the issues better - or link in my bio to an article by one of Facebook’s co-founders expressing his concerns over the dangers of Facebook’s monopoly (FB own Instagr and WhatsApp). Can you start a social media diet? Are you addicted? The real world is magical! “Some days, lying on the floor next to my 1-year-old son as he plays with his dinosaurs, I catch myself scrolling through Instagr, waiting to see if the next image will be more beautiful than the last. What I doing?” 🖤

Planet Earth

Every day is Earth Day! But today it’s officially earth day. I’m a proud Ambassador for Goal 15 of UN Global Goals: Life On Land @togetherbandofficial is all about sharing the 17 UN Global Goals with the world - the most challenging issues that our planet faces. Each embodies the spirit of the Global Goals. Made from Ocean Plastic, for every sold, 1KG of plastic is removed from marine environments. Each pack contains two bands, one to wear & one to share. The clasp is made from Humanium Metal upcycled from decommissioned seized illegal firearms in Central America, helping to end armed violence and rebuild conflict-torn societies. The foundation for life on our planet is our plants, insects, and animals. We’ve caused severe damage to our planet through deforestation, destruction of natural habitats and land degradation. The key to our survival is working together to preserve biodiversity and promote the sustainable use of our ecosystems. 100% of proceeds from each are used to spread the word about the Global Goals and fund life-changing projects to build a better future for us all. Follow link in my bio to find them... 🌍 🌎 🌏 🌌

Thinking of the 200+ people arrested for peaceful civil disobedience this week... I spoke with the XR activist & environmental lawyer Farhana Yamin a few weeks ago - a mother of four, she has authored several IPCC reports & devoted her life to trying to stop environmental collapse via legal means. Now she feels the situation is so desperate she needs to break laws (peacefully) and is willing to go to jail, if that is what it takes. I often have sleepless nights worrying about our climate crisis, and the world we are creating for vulnerable communities, ourselves and the generations ahead of us. XR are demanding the UK commit to being carbon neutral by 2025 - the UK government are currently considering a commitment of carbon neutrality by 2050. If XR encourage them to make that commitment - even to make it earlier than 2050 - that would be a triumph. No one says this transition is going to be easy, but the other option will be so much harder. I’m not in the UK so not involved in person. I also think there are many ways protest can manifest and so even if you are not one for marches or law breaking there are other gentler ways to be involved if you agree with the goals - beginning most essentially with the personal every day choices we make in how we live. Someone just tagged me in this photo, wearing an old Greenpeace T-shirt, a group I respect who somewhat pioneered environmental civil disobedience. Link in bio for more info.

Steve Jobs Theater

🍏-topia : 100% renewable energy, 9000 trees and lots of walking to enable chance encounters.

A room with a view

Speaking with a hero! I met w Sir David to learn about his new Netflix show One Planet ~ link in bio for the interview ~ & watch the show if you can, it’s beautiful & moving & timely

40 today & not forgotten ❤️ Heath & happy birthday other loved ones

Last week I had the privilege to spend time w the Yawanawa indigenous tribe, who I’ve known for nearly 5 years. It was incredible. They offer a bridge to our collective past - where community, family, nature and spirituality take precedent. There is so much to learn from indigenous communities around the world, about where we came from, where we can go to, and how we can live 🇧🇷

always take the green path

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