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Lilly is an international environmental champion. Ambassador @plasticpollutes @youthmundus @theshipoftolerancelondon2019

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Albert Plesmanring 12 Huis Ter Heide, Utrecht, Netherlands

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At the EU commission as part of @projectdrawdown and the great Chad Frischmann and my friends from the Drawdown academy this the Directorate general for climate change where the policies are written I told them all to find their green hearts again. We will arrange to give back and have another conversation!

Schoolstrike outside the gemeentehuis in zeist. I was visited by @28europe from Greece to be part of news documentary.mynfavourite friends were also there Jan, Maryse, Gio and Frans. It was a great interview I also talked about how inlove mythology and we had a good chat about Greek mythology too. @gretathunberg

MY logo proud to see my favourite cafe @sameninzeist_lunchroom as the first straw free cafe in Zeist. @gemeentezeist No more straws!! Do you know a cafe that is plastic straw free and wants a Lilly Logo then PM me! @lonelywhale @adriangrenier @plasticpollutes @oceanheroeshq @strawnomoreproject @nosjeugdjournaal @vteamnl

Introduction to my interview to open The week of Sustainability in Utrecht!!! Its in Dutch but it's a nice into - thanks GertJan.

++Warning shocking images+++ Balloons don’t let them go outside! Once up they travel miles and end up in the waterways. This little guy was rescued in a bad way luckily the balloon came out. Plastic gives animals the illusion it’s food so they eat it! It’s could have been deadly for this turtle- time to change how you think out balloons!

week 40 to day I was joined by Janine!!! We met Janine at the very beginning of the movement when I met and became friends with @GretaThunberg Janine was travelling from France to Germany and stopped off at Utrecht and travelled to see me. It was a special moment!! I was also joined by my favourites @jan_daamen_aka_capt.zappoz @maryse.johanna Frans and Gio

'If Mama ain't happy then nobody is happy!' Insert Earth after mama🌍 pledge to find your green heart again💚 and do something every day to keep.Mama happy. I pledge - will you? @plasticpollutes @lonelywhale @oceanheroeshq @youthmundus @fridaysforfuture @officialrhysellis @bigblueoceancleanup

I went plastic fishing with @wnfutrecht around the canals in utrecht. The water was full of bottles and cans but also confetti. We heard it was biodegradable but it was still intact in the water since the day before. It took a bit of effort to pull it apart I dont know when it's supposed to dissolve!! We heard from a park ranger many kilometers from utrecht he had been wondering why the water there was full.of confetti!!! There were lots of balloons and beach alls in the water. Many balloons were popped and floating amongst the birds - we managed to get them out and did as best we could. On my way back I thought it would be clean but still there was load floating so we did our best again. @rtvutrecht

Schoolstrike 39!!! A happy strike with friends and heroes for the planet!! @jan_daamen_aka_capt.zappoz @maryse.johanna and Frans. @gretathunberg at the gemeentehuis in Zeist!

17 year old deer died with 7lbs/3.5kgs of plastic bags in it stomach. Deer roam freely in Nara Park in Japan. There are strict rules on only feeding crackers to the deer but people are feeding them from plastic bags and well you can see the result. This is a needless death. @plasticpollutes @youthmundus @missoandfriends @oceanheroeshq

the sun was shining and the shouting man ce but was just mad and didnt shout!! So that's good!! Two girls ce for a short while and went to school they felt proud so it's a great strike to Globalnstrike Day!!! I going to Utrecht now for the March!!!

Today is World Turtle Day!!! This is a tshirt designed by @officialrhysellis for his One Stranded bird collection. Profits go to @bigblueoceancleanup so check out and say hello from me LILLYSPLASTICPICKUP and you will get 20% off singleuseplastic

I DID IT!! WE VOTED!!!! Thankyoubto my grandpa for voting for me!!! Thankyou to all the brave climatestrikers who sit week in week out to draw attention from the politicans. My vote is my voice!!! Please ask your grandparents to vote for you!!! @rtlnieuws @plasticpollutes @missionmagazine @theshipoftolerancelondon2019 @youthmundus

Pickup has 627 piecea of litter, bottles cans and single use plastic! Part of this pickup was one done through a fence. It was by a private estate with a big fence but somehow people managed to chuck their over the fence and through it. There was a bag with cans of Heineken celebrating the James Bond movie Spectre dated 2016.

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