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Manufacturing, Gunsmithing, Retail Store, AK Training @leearmory @kalashnizona

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4201 S 37th Street Phoenix, Arizona

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Phoenix, Arizona

Lee Armory converted M10 import from Romania! These are CNC milled by us from a single stack configuration to a double stack mag configuration! They come with black polymer furniture! These are available at @kvarcorp and @aimsurplus !!!! Gets your today! @msrdistribution @kvarcorp @kvarcrew @aimsurplus @surplused_arsenal @sickguns @xtechtactical

Phoenix, Arizona

@sinistralrifleman with @get_repost ・・・ This machine is discharged into your care. Fight with this machine, and guard it from the shame of defeat. Serve this machine, as you would have fight it for you.

@surplused_arsenal with @get_repost ・・・ Lee Armory Hunter rifle ! @leearmory did something amazing. We all know Saiga rifles, which were the sporter version of the AK, but required some work to make it accept standard AK magazines, and furniture, etc. @leearmory’s hunter ak is built from Romanian military parts kits and is ban state compliant. It can take any style Ak magazines from surplus mags to @xtechtactical to drum magazines. Runs any 7.62x39 ammo that you can throw at it. Been testing this out for a while now and cannot complain about any issues. As always feel free to contact us and we can talk about it! More to come on this rifle. And check out @kalash_wood on wood finishes! Great job !!

That test fire life 🔥 @cordeliagunexchange ・・・ Quick snap from @leearmory of rifles being born! FOR CA!! => Bulgarian AK-74’s, Russian Izzy 47’s (en route!), Polish Vintage 1960’s/70’s 47’s, Romanian Military Classic AK’s and more ==>

@realjohncrump checking out M10-762! Now available @kvarcorp and @aimsurplus check it out!! @realjohncrump ・・・ My new favorite AK! Well done @leearmory!

Hey CA 👀 what @cordeliagunexchange has!!!Repost @cordeliagunexchange ・・・ @leearmory Romanian Military Classic w/ @ar15compmag AK Fixed Magazine, @tangodowninc Grip and @wepleadthe2nd Certified Cerakote for a lifetime of use. California Compliant! Mags are inbound (2 weeks) to our store and website ==> @kalash_hub @kalashnikovsociety @ak_addicts @akoperatorsunionlocal4774

Phoenix, Arizona

M10s now available at @kvarcorp and @aimsurplus ! If you are looking for a import AK look no more these are a great option ! We have done the magwell conversations and also have opened up the hooded front sight for the shooter to have your traditional open AK sight picture! Also works for mounting a red dot and having that hood out of your way .. go grab one today! @aimsurplus @kvarcorp @kvarcrew @msrdistribution @surplused_arsenal @xtechtactical @cordeliagunexchange @ak_hub @akoperatorsunionlocal4774

Phoenix, Arizona

M10-762 rifles now available!!! at @kvarcorp and @aimsurplus ! Rifle manufactured by ROMARM Cugir, Romania using forged components Lee Armory Gunsmithing of Magwell for Double Stack Mag Configurations and Hooded sights opened, imported by M+M Phoenix Tech Buttstock Arsenal Hand Guards Tacfire Flash Hider Tango Down Grip Xtech Magazine RPK Style Leaf Sight 1 Year Warranty @sickguns @kvarcorp @aimsurplus @cordeliagunexchange @surplused_arsenal @jmaccustoms @xtechtactical @msrdistribution

Phoenix, Arizona

@wepleadthe2nd with @get_repost ・・・ Got to take the AK105 out today and run some rounds though it. What a fun gun to shoot. Collab with @leearmory and finished with @gun.candy Cutlass and @cerakote Blackout.

“Cassandra Harris has traveled quite the journey since entering the shooting sports industry six years ago” Read the rest of Shari LeGate's article at

@kvarcorp ALSO STOCKING @leearmory Romanian Military Classics, M10-762’s in addition to CA compliant models 👊🏻🇺🇸 ==> @kvarcorp ・・・ We have an amazing deal on some @leearmory AK’s! Check them out at!

Phoenix, Arizona

Some Russian izhmash 1969 kits that are going out to @cordeliagunexchange ! We do all of our test fires at 200 yard steel targets at the PHOENIX ROD AND GUN CLUB !

@leaspeed6 ・・・ Comrades, AK-105 is good!! This 5.45 collab between my shop @wepleadthe2nd and AZ-local @leearmory turned out amazing! No real recoil, nice slow firing rate, small size, and coated with snazzy @gun.candy cerakote. Video of first range outing inbound! 🤩👌🏻 .

@wepleadthe2nd with @get_repost ・・・ GoT theme AK47 done up all Targaryen with cerakote and laser engraved goodness. Last episode is a few hours away, so no time like the present to post. @xtechtactical MAG47 and @magpul furniture done in a charred wood finish. Crimson distressed finish on receiver. @leearmory helped us get this back to working order after we changed some stuff on it and coated it. They’re our go-to for all things kalash.

Phoenix, Arizona

Cs1 we built for @sinistralrifleman with a killer cerakote from @wepleadthe2nd this things is ready for some action !

Phoenix, Arizona

@sinistralrifleman with @get_repost ・・・ My bolter from the Tech-Priests at @leearmory nears completion with the heraldry of the Adeptus Sinistral being added in this ritual to appease the machine spirit by @wepleadthe2nd Use coupon code SINISTRAL at for 15% off. The Emperor Protects! with @get_repost ・・・ Any doubts about @leearmory builds... 🇺🇸🇷🇴This Romanian AIMS 74 is built tough as nails. Pre-bumpfire ban montage to demo the hammer power 🔨🔥. If your lucky enough to snag one - do it. @leearmory @svmediafilms @_ashleycase_ @jimweaber @gunsdaily @gunsand_glory @gunsand_glory2

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