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I dig this get up so hard. MTV Awards air tonight at 9pm 😏 Cakeup: @rokaelbeauty Hair: @tracehenningsen Custom “LALA” clutch: @islandtoeastside Jewelry: @greeneandco Shoes: @gianvitorossi Look: @afffair.fff Styled by: @alexandrareneestyle

Last year was the first Father’s Day I didn’t have my dad. I sat and cried, watching this waterfall, trying to understand how this happened. How my life had changed forever, overnight. Today, I feel the same way. Each moment that goes by without him I just think, I haven’t seen his face in over a year... I haven’t hugged him, or heard his voice. To say my heart is broken is an understatement. I will go forward in my life finding comfort in knowing he is looking down on me, being my angel like he always has been. Looking at the father my fiancé is to his two little girls is enough to make my heart explode. His girls look at him the way I looked at my dad. Even tho today is sad, I can’t help but feel happy and blessed. From my dad, to my brothers, & my incredible fiancé, the men in my life are, and will be, amazing fathers. Happy Father’s Day, dads ♥️

Thank you for having me ! I had the best time presenting Best Lifestyle Show and enjoying great company. The Critics Choice Real TV Awards airs Sunday, June 9th at 11ET on @vh1

All I wanna do is ball on a budget in my Forever 21 choker

Y’all know I love me a summer . But I love feeling good even more, which is why I love being a 😍 I love my @teamiblends detox program because it’s the only thing that consistently keeps my tummy happy and bloat free, so I know I’ll feel confident in my bikini this summer... even if my diet isn’t 100% on point. Y’all know I love bread and cheese 😛I used to get such bad bloating and cramps that just made me feel blahhh. Teami prevents me from having that feeling when I want to have a cheat day... or 3. I love this detox program! Order yours & make sure to use my code LALAK for 25% off your tea! 👙💪

The R.E. Was was crooked so I covered it with a lion. It seemed fitting, since he is my king.

Always remember- No one wants to talk about the good. It’s not interesting. No one wants to give credit to what we’ve been through in our lives. A piece of bad will trump all the good. Let’s be done feeling defeated. We have the power to change the narrative. Let’s learn from our mistakes & rise together ♥️

Life is weird. We take pictures and if they look cool we post them. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the sandbox days when I didn’t give a . Unfortunately, I’m not in the sandbox anymore, so here’s a picture I think is cool.

This was a much needed vacation for me. Sometimes I notice myself getting caught up. I start caring about what people say about me, I get sensitive, can’t shake things off, and lose myself- Forgetting that my life is so precious and full of love. I have a fiancé who I adore, 2 little girls that rock my world, a family who is my foundation and core of who I am, a dad who continues to shed blessings on me from above, and friends (we are aware we didn’t always see eye to eye) that have been my support through the most monumental moments of my life. This is all too good ♥️

Utah and Kentucky in Paris.

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