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📍Crete🌴 I'm a Norwegian moved to Crete Everydaylife,cooking,local produce,nature,travel. All pic by me.Join the good life in the mediterranean🙏

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⛔STOP AND LOOK It's not the best photo when it comes to quality but you can actualy see babylemons, almost done lemons and ready to pic lemons in the same tree at the same time🍋That's so amazing. All year around we have the sitrus🙏


Pistachiotruffles Sugarfree weekend? Are you in my neighbourhood I take orders or you can make them yourselves, recipe below⬇️ So in my kitchen today only 4 by This is what you need for 10-12 pistachios: 100 gr cashew nuts (I use raw nuts) 60 gr (1 bag) pistachios without shell (you can use only pistachios if you want) -Save 10 gr of the nuts for decoration 100 gr fiber syrup clear A little salt if you want (if the nuts are salty dont use) 150 grams of sugar-free chocolate for dipping This is what you do: - Run the nuts in a blender (remember to save 10 gr of the pistachios). - Heat the fiber syrup to the boiling point. - Pour the syrup into the nuts and mix well. -The mass is now very tough, but it is easy to roll if you take some water on your hands. -Set the beads cold, preferably in the freezer, while melting the chocolate. - Melt the chocolate over the water bath or in the micro. Make sure it doesn't get too hot, then the chocolate clumps. - Finely chop the 10 grams of pistachios you kept aside. - Dip each pistachio truffle in the chocolate, let them drain a little and put them on a baking paper. -Pick some chopped pistachios over while the chocolate is still soft. - Add to cooling for 15-20 minutes. -New pistachios with good conscience!

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