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The Artist's Bible. The PERFORMANCE Issues of & @kingkonggarcon available to buy online and out in stores 🌎 👇🏼

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Athens, Greece

@kingkonggarcon is out now! “The city was charged with a rather strange nostalgia, perhaps of a previous historic condition or of something that what was never there to begin with. The general feeling was one that called for silence.” In the latest issue of , a silent performance emerges in the form of a battle or a conversation; A sublime secret or a liturgy; A dance between mortals and gods; A pagan ritual of arcane mystery and myth. All clothes @gucci pre fall AW19. Photographs @alikepenek1 Art Direction, styling & casting @kingkongmagazine Videographer @constantinomass Make up @christosmazurek Hair @ili_the_dealy Prosthetics @georgetorosis Special thanks @s_dbarbara and @bgtri_y

Athens, Greece

OUT NOW! @KINGKONGGARCON can be both soft and hard, powerful and sensitive. Featuring the new GREEK-GODS in ! In conversation with leaders of the pack! whom all crossed gender boundaries and mores decades before it became a trend on Instagram. Artists Performances by & MUCH MORE..

On your knees for @kingkonggarcon @c.tangana by @kito.munoz x @palomospain. Out on newsstands tomorrow!

More drama.. from @kingkonggarcon's cover story by @mryoussefnabil x @rickowensonline. Out this Friday on stands worldwide.

All lined up in @thombrowneny and nowhere to go for @kingkonggarcon. Photographs @anthonygoicolea Styling @paulsinclaire Casting @thesecretgallery Out on stands this Friday 14th June worldwide.

Taipei, Taiwan

For . @alien__w captures an array of characters from Taipei through his performative lens, he explores the theatricality of light. Using mirrors and reflective surfaces to transform the mundane into something rather imaginative. Photographs @alien__w Art Direction @hank__wang @alien__w Styling @topia_mfh All Clothing @necessity_sense Models @jc_chennn @bluuit @suphardlotus @aj_8513 @jeanchang.1993

@boychild by @ivar.wigan for the performance issue of .

London, United Kingdom

For the performance issue of , @rasharn_agyemang explores the expressive power of clothing. Photographs & styling @rasharn_agyemang Hair @jamescatalanohair Make up @martasegna_mua Lighting @wilbertlati Casting @niiagency

Flamingo Heights, California

Princess Peyton Pledges Purity for the Performance issue of . Dancing the night away in 'Flamingo Heights' with @igorgrbesic and @peyton.knight. Photographs @marieschuller Styling @neeshatulsichampaneria Hair & make up @erinskipley Retouch @jos_post

London, United Kingdom

K Á R Y Y N ’s sound feels like a cool glass of water in hell; refreshing, highly unusual soundscapes and textures reach your ears out of a fog of industrial, drone-infused instrumentation. Each time you play her music the tracks reveal new vocal details, new melodic levels, new sonic depths. @karyyn_music for the Performance Issue of . Photographs @yumnaaa @imglens Styling @neeshatulsichampaneria Make up @gracemariaellington Hair @wakaadachi Words @elizacamillaedwards

New York, New York

THE DAWN LOMBARDI SHOW! For the performance issue of . This season, @dawn_lombardi gives fans an exclusive look inside the life of 911 dispatcher Denise Jefferies. Lead singer of death metal band ’The Devil’s Grandson’ Malakai Johnson visiting his Grandma Bethel in Omaha, Nebraska. An Unsolved mystery and a dramatic for Dawn's husband Rick Jr. Photographs @annamalize Performances by @dawn_lombardi

New York, New York

In the spotlight @oyinda for the Performance Issue of . Oyinda's powerful vocals burst with a mixture of 80s exuberance and down-beat, R&B delivery, played across an array of warmly comforting synths and recent video outputs have drawn from the world of Virtual Reality, drawing listeners into her poetic world. Photographs Styling @lletramderaj Make up @raisaflowers Hair @evaniefrausto Set @c.f.x.x @beyondstudios

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