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Kinetic Development Group LLC

Innovative, American made parts and accessories for FNH SCARs, Optics, PRS, and M-LOK.

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Cheers to all you Dads out there! Happy Fathers Day!! 👍😂

MREX MKII M-LOK 6.5 FDE looking good🤘 @devonspreitzer ・・・ The @kineticdevelopmentgroup is a game changer. The Scar is finally complete 👌🏼

😍 @palmbeachtactical ・・・ JR Scar 17 W Trash Panda Burn Proof Gear - June GIVEAWAY is live visit for more information @palmbeachtactical @burnproofgear @the_official_q

Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend 😎🤙 @hunter_alabamaarsenal ・・・ It’s 🐪 and all we have to look forward to is a tropical storm rolling in this weekend @brugger_and_thomet TP9 @brugger_and_thomet Suppressor @aimpointusa Comp M5 @kineticdevelopmentgroup SIDELOCK Mount

Happy Hump Day. Here’s an @hecklerandkoch with an @vortexoptics 2.5-10x32 in a mount, on a box. Cheers 🤙

Looks like a good day at the range with our 🤙🤙 Happy Monday! @thetactical_g ・・・ The set up for long range shots this morning!

Happy Friday! Scar 17, MREX MKII 6.5 M-Lok. Have a great weekend! 🤙🇺🇸

It’s 🐪 , and here’s an @hecklerandkoch , custom milled cerakoted slide, ported barrel, @trijicon RMR, and @streamlightinc tlr-1 HL, on a box. Cheers🤙 @cerakote

Happy Memorial Day. Today we honor and remember those who sacrificed it all for our freedoms. 🇺🇸

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. 🤙 @_mike.p______ ・・・ Latest configuration. ____________________________________________________________________

Hello. It’s Thursday and here’s a @fn_america , 13” barrel, 4.25 , @aimpointusa , and a @silencerco suppressor, on a box. Cheers🤙

Clean shot 📸 Nice rig for sure 🤟👌 @jthomas762x51 ・・・ 17 Sunday...

🥰 Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend 🤙 @tradingplacegunrange ・・・ Because overkill is underrated... FN SCAR fully dressed

Hello! It’s Thursday, and here’s an @hecklerandkoch , with a @blueforcegear single point sling , on a box. Cheers 🤙

Been asked a lot lately on the exact weights of the new MREX-MKII M-LOK rail systems for the SCAR rifle platforms. Here’s the breakdown: The factory scar parts that are removed to use the MREX-MKII weigh approx. 5.9oz. So it’s important to recognize the net weight being added to your SCAR rifle: MKII 6.5 (long) - weighs 8.4oz, adds 2.5oz. MKII 4.25 (mid) - weighs 7.0oz, adds 1.1oz. MKII 2.2 (shorty) - weighs 5.3oz, reduces weight by 0.6oz. These weights DO include the new bridge and all the hardware you install with the MREX-MKII on your scar. Cheers 🤙

SCAR MREX MKII M-LOK are now available! Click the link in our bio🤙 Happy Friday! 🇺🇸

'Merica Usa Usa Usa

Hey all! It’s Thursday, and here’s something different: a pile of @glockinc , with some @gcodeholsters @haleystrategicofficial holsters, and a couple @tarantactical mag extensions, on a box. Cheers 🤙

Great shot of the @czusafirearms with an @aimpointusa w/ our mount 🤙 @alabama_arsenal ・・・ Got the @czusafirearms BREN2 out to the range today and ran it through its paces. 📸: @marisa_osga

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