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SE PA, AKA:The Keystone State. Co-Founder of @tatargets. 01 FFL, business owner, 📸: 6D mkii, check out my YouTube vids & subscribe 🎥📸👇

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The natural right to keep and bear arms is based in a foundational belief that the people need to hold the ability to overthrow and reconstruct a government that has turned tyrannical in order to be truly free. This means the populace ought to own the same firearms and equipment our military and police forces use. This includes SBR’s, suppressors, night vision, thermal (as seen here), and select fire weapons. Contrary to popular belief you can believe in our republic and support it and hold a position like mine. I’m absolutely not anti government, anti police, anti military. I just believe that if they have access to it, we should also have access to it. Simple as that. ___________________________________________________

The Tactical Levergun video is live! Hang in there, it’s a long one with tons of B roll and tons of information 😬😬😬 Thank you to @keystonemunitions and @xtremegunworx for making it possible. I’m excited to share my opinion on this decked out @marlinfirearms_official 336 XLR lever action rifle. What do you think: is there a place for a modern defensive tactical lever action rifle?? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 YouTube is: KeystoneCarry 🎥🎥🎥 Link is in my story to swipe up.

Throwing it back to the Galil Ace pistol. Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes I just like to have fun. This is a little of both. Holla if bumpfire stocks and bumpfiring in general activate fudd mode 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ sorry for the trigger if they do. ___________________________________________________

That shorty blackout life. I swear some people think that just because I have an SBR, I can’t have braces firearms too. Don’t believe me, check out my YouTube and scroll the comment section. I can hear the “yOu DoNT NeED a BiPoD oN An SBR” already. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ___________________________________________________

I’m convinced the only main drawback of this weapon is the magazine tube capacity and the caliber vs a more modern 300 blackout in an AR platform. Other than that it’s insanely sick. I was hoping to drop the video today but unforeseen circumstances stopped that. Stay tuned next week. I’ll go in depth with what I think of this rifle and where it fits into the realm of defensive weapons. ___________________________________________________

Front porch Goofin’. My neighbors definitely think I’m nuts.

I’m really growing tired of politicians who understand nothing about our rights shoving bureaucratic nonsense down our throats. . The government at the federal level should serve to PROTECT our rights. When it acts on ANYTHING it should be scrutinized and weighed on a scale of liberty. Does the legislation they’re passing MAXIMIZE our ability to be free and enjoy the pursuit of happiness? If no, scrap it, burn it, abolish it, and never approach it again. It’s nobody’s job to sit in a comfy seat and legislate our lives. We are supposed to SELF GOVERN. I don’t know what’s best for your life, you don’t know what’s best for mine. . As long as what I do does not infringe on someone else’s natural rights, I should be free to do as I please. And you should too. . Many of the “debates” in our nation are ignorant of these truths. Think of a politically charged topic. Now ask yourself: does that topic or subject infringe on my ability to exercise my freedoms, or someone else’s ability to do the same? No? Get government out of it then. . Stop beating your chest as a republican or Democrat. Both wish to control you, they just want control in different aspects. Both are wrong. Both need to go. The freedom mindset can’t be put into a box. Don’t believe me? Message me your favorite topic and let me show you some light on it. . I’d love to see a movement spark where people start really thinking about freedom. Hopefully I can be a small piece of it. . Oh and @realdonaldtrump, good luck getting my suppressor.

Coming soon to a theater near you. Just kidding. It’ll just be on my YouTube. (if you subscribe you’ll know when it drops😉😉)🤓

Rolling coal, stealing souls. ☠️☠️☠️Project diesel XJ is nearing completion. Once done it’s time for paint and a vinyl wrap.

My second favorite setup (only second to my 7.5” 🤓😉😈😈): 5” @veritas_tactical 300 blackout. Doesn’t get any better than this and the reliability has been 100%. Zero issues with their upper ever so far. Keep in mind it’s not just a chopped down blackout barrel. These are purpose built and designed from the ground up to run reliably. ___________________________________________________

My budget 308 build resting on that sick @boscabel_weapon_systems bipod. It’s a Ruger American predator rifle sitting in a @magpul American hunter stock. It’s topped with a @vortexoptics Hat 4-16 scope. I’m soon grabbing a handle and off @anarchyoutdoors to complete the package. I’m above impressed with this rifle. Check my YouTube for my video on this rifle. Link to my YT is in bio. 🔥🔥🔥 ___________________________________________________

Mankind has brought about horrendous atrocities against fellow man. I look at my Galil, made in Israel, and think about the millions of Jews that were slaughtered in Europe. I think of Christians who are still murdered by radical groups every day seeking to eliminate their faith from our planet. I constantly reminded that free men have a duty to be well armed, and well trained. Not every battle is fought with a rifle, but be sure to understand a Tyrants worst fear is a free man capable and willing to take up arms quickly against them when they rise to power and attempt to massacre a people or enslave people. In our nation specifically it is equally as important. WE are the balancing force and our out of control government needs to submit to US and protect our liberties, not attempt to abolish them. We don’t submit to ANY government official or the government in general. They submit to us. ___________________________________________________

Society tries to tame our wild side. Men were meant to have the capacity to be caring and gentle, but at the flip of a switch be ready to do violence to uphold good. Society wants me to be clean cut, tame, well spoken, and submissive. My heart is simply wild and daring. I might be able to be all of those things, but you’ll never take the rebellious heart that was given to me. Say no to me and I’ll ask “why not”? Tell me I can’t, watch me try to prove to myself that I can. Call me crazy and I’ll take it as a compliment. Ask me a question and I’ll share whatever I have learned. Each man has an impact on the young boys we are raising and that look up to us. Never forget who we are. ___________________________________________________

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