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Keith Lemon has just launched!!

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Looking forward to seeing @mattgoss and @thelukegoss in Brixton next Friday!

Hurraah! Me massive head is nearly home! Forget t’ do any online content today hence the pic of me big ‘ed. Was a fun day today. Hope you’ve had a good’n. Hope ya business is doing well

Nice readings on how they made @rocketmanmovie

Mouse in the pub!

Who raised this pork pie????

Yeah look at me all ya want! Waking me up at 6.34! Alright for you. You can go back t’ sleep! Some of us have to go t’ work and be daft all day!

Morning! Dog woke me up early to go out for a . Getting up now. Good luck with ya business!

It don’t matter if it’s black or white

Willoughbooby taking it to the next level of fitness wearing ‘space girls’ by

My rad mum modelling one of my ‘space girls’ t-shirts by available in black and white at

@carolineflack is shopping with me this week and @chattyman Thursdays 10pm @itv2

Delayed online presence from yesterday when I was out on me Raleigh Team Burner that I got from @alansbmx what a bike! Already put the duck pic up🦆 Have a fun day! Quack!

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