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K. Birthday

🗽/🌎🌍🌏 🔺actually named Brendan🔺 writing sad songs 🔹composing for folks🔹tickets on the Internet 🔹 low key on tour🔹some other stuff 🔹

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You may have doubted me but here is photo proof that I’ve been a champion since at least 96. Also I’m sorry for wrestling’s problematic naming system.

BK/Philly pals: Come see the dang music of @doveandwolf And @michelleblades—honestly it rips and somehow I’m able to keep up! 5/23 Brooklyn @union_pool 5/25 Philly @johnnybrendas Then I’m gonna be out of town for work again sorry lol let’s hang out tho. Also you’re welcome for the free promo photos

Hard to maintain an existential crisis on a tour this cute. ♥️ my gals shredding w y’all has been an honor. Catch me on tour w @doveandwolf and @michelleblades for the next while.


Hello I released my first song as K. Birthday today. 🥳🍰🎵 It’s called Fishtown 2023 🐟🏫👽 ... @jose_diaz_rohena recorded the guitar and vocal 🗣🎸 mastered by @xbyryan 🔊🎚🎛🔊 video by @jonathan_taylor_tank_engine 📀📹📱💻📽📠 link available

Raleigh, North Carolina

Hi—I would LOVE to learn about your business today!

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

I like to consider this a

man attempting to take picture of his hand backlit by a projected light source in a particulate-heavy atmosphere


Over the last two days I’ve gotten to workshop a musical I wrote w a pal and showcase it for some folks. It was pretty vibrant, bizarre, fun, and about Russia so in the spirt of that here’s an insane looking photo of me playing basketball in Elista? in 2010.

New Slang

in my defense this was taken before garden state came out. still a pretty hearty self-roast on this

Drew this in ms Paint 13 years ago, feel similarly still 🥚 🍆 🍜 🍲

Brooklyn, New York

👻 SpoOooOooOooOOoky crü 👻


So many football heads were moved. Hair by @claw_det cause I have 0 tease exp.

👩‍🌾 👨🏻‍🌾

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

🎵I was busy dreaming ‘bout boys🎵

Oh hey it’s your new musical pal K. Birthday—ready to try new things at @trans.pecos 10/15 w @alxschaaf and @im.winded. Tickets in the bio//snap by @nolanknight_

Big ❤️ to Benco for taking such cute photos of me and indulging my desire to swim in every puddle.

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