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Canadian Knife / tool maker Just a guy in his garage making quality gear

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A popular combo has been this dark ti with CF scale and dark ti hardware. This one is off to South Korea but hoping to build more.

Titanium precision drivers will be shipping today! Had to refund an order so there is one left in stock. JWOYTAZKNIVES.COM

Darkwash Titanium, green hardware and Carbon Fiber scale. Will be building a few more G11s over the next few days 🍻 This one is available now.

A couple dark wash with Carbon Fiber G11s for the site. One with dark hardware, one with green hardware. What do you guys think?

Some new G11s .. preorders will be shipping out tomorrow. Also have a couple for the website. Hope you guys are having a good week 🍻🍻

Im overdue for a giveaway. As a thanks for all of the ongoing support, Im giving away this 6al4v Titanium Skeleton G5. Entry is simple. Like the pic, follow my page and tag a pal. Giveaway will end in a few days and Ill pick a random winner. Thanks guys! 🍻🍻

After a small hiccup at launch these Titanium Precision Drivers are now live on my site, ready for order. Lots of options to let you design a one of a kind piece. See them all at driver

Less than an hour! ... Titanium drivers drop at 2pm est.

Repost from @combatbeads ... today is the day. 2pm eastern time. Titanium precision drivers will be available in a few options. JWOYTAZKNIVES.COM

SWIPE!! Its finally time! Titanium Precision Drivers are ready to go. They will be available on my site tomorrow, June 8th, at 2pm eastern time. @combatbeads will have them available too. Choose from Satin, Stonewashed or custom (YOU choose the finishes) 🍻 WWW.JWOYTAZKNIVES.COM

Pre Order is live for a couple more days! Head to to design your own G11 Bandicoot.

A little more info on the 6Al4v Titanium Precision Drivers .... they will come in 3 styles. All satin or stonewashed at $129. Or for $149 you can choose the more custom option and choose anodizing / finish for all 3 Titanium parts (driver body, bearing cap and screw) .... as always they will come with your choice of bearing color and 3 x premium Wiha bits. Plan is to release them this weekend! Let me know if you have any questions. 🍻🍻

PreOrder is live at JWOYTAZKNIVES.COM You choose the tool finish, scale material and hardware finish! Pre order will be available until the weekend.

SWIPE!! Pretty pumped about these guys. The collab drivers that me and @combatbeads will now be offered in solid 6al4v Titanium! We made a couple other tweaks as well. More info on these soon.

They dont look like much right now but a few hammered copper pieces on the bench for today..

PREORDER IS LIVE! .. build your own G11 Bandicoot. You choose tool finish, scale material and clip / finish. Estismated shipping in 6 to 8 weeks. All the info is on my site at

Gonna be working out the logisitics on the G11 preorder today. Anything specific you guys want to see?

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