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I have anonymously donated work to Art on a Postcard's Urban Contemporary Art & Street Photography auction to raise money and awareness for The Hepatitis C Trust. Works are curated by @einesigns & @dougie_wallace Auction runs 26 June - 10 July. View my work and over 500 others: Can you guess which work is mine? All works will be on display at Old Spitalfields Market 2-7 July. RSVP to the private view: . . . . .

Champions 2019, Tampere - Finland is the New Icehockey World Champion. Finnish team did not have any NHL stars. They all said no to national team. Players from the Finnish hockey league and some other European leagues won Sweden, Russia & Canada, all of them having top NHL players in their teams. 18 first timers, oldest of them 36, made the impossible possible. This image tells us how people reacted. I just came back from the city and it’s just crazy out there! . .

One Star, 5/2017 Tampere - this is pretty much the hub & origo of Tampere. Took a while to have this one on daytime, without people, buses or taxes around. Another question is why to have just one star? Propably it’s all about control, esthetics & the fact it is the way we face our lives more and more in western world these days. I do not support that, just describe visually. . . . . . . .

The Central Scrutinizer, 4/2019 Tampere - two weeks ago it was a magically warm Saturday and I had a chance to walk around for hours. I saw this old school American cabriolet and the owner too. A Mother with kids & her sister were waiting the granny, ofcourse. They let me snap few pics and this moment made it. I was scrutinized pretty carefully by the daughter in a fully safe place, all the important people around doing their things😊👋🏼 @sagamarias @mmamaroger . . . . . . .

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