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John Hollister 🇺🇸

Proud and Blessed to be American "I’m not the killer man I’m the killer man’s son But I’ll do the killing Until the killer man comes” Ronald Reagan

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Here is a bit of an oddball. A 90s custom double stack “1911” build in 38 Super by Fred Craig aka “Craig Ltd”, a “Fantom Fighter F13”. They were featured in a cover article in American Handgunner Jan/Feb 1998

I do love the crazy 80s German Space Magic. H&K P7. One of my favorite pistols ever.


@sigsauerinc P226 SAO Legion with factory threaded (accessory) barrel and a Sig SRD9 suppressor.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Getting to spend time with my dearest friends is a priceless part of being part of @sigsauerinc Alway great seeing Jin and Jess from @kfarmory in Atlanta. Glad y'all made it up for the event.

Sig Sauer Academy

P938 Legion 9mm with an accessory factory threaded (1/2”x28tpi) barrel and @sigsauerinc modular Titanium MODX-9 suppressor in a three baffle configuration shot wet. Pure

Las Vegas, Nevada

Another of my favorite combos. @Sig sauerinc P938/22 with threaded barrel and SRD22X silencer with the @emersonknivesinc Sig Legion Folder.

@sigsauerinc Mk25 with an SRD9 suppressor. Hard to get any better then that.

A little light bedtime reading. Bill Jordan “No second place winner”.

A little action. Received a beautiful 3V 7” “Oregonto Tanto” from @brtbladeworks Ben Tendick last week. Absolutely stunning work.

Another of my favorite films, for a few reasons. “Tears of the Sun”. Monday movie

I have long been a fan of monolithic Copper projectile in my ammunition. Just got my hands on Sig’s newer 120gr rounds. Designed specifically to expand x1.8 out of SBRs, while delivering nearly 1000 ft/lb of energy. No doubt there will be questions on the color of the cases, they are Black Oxide for visual identification as SBR specific ammunition. Can not wait to hunt with it and do Jello Shots. SKU/ E300H1-SBR-20 available now at retailers

Second Amendment Sports

I truly work with the best people in the business. Guess who got a new profile picture in my contacts?

Gun violence, Knife violence, Rock violence, Violence violence. The issue is People, not tools. Until “we” figure that out, there can be no solution

Don’t forget, Arsenic is also “All Natural” and “Gluten-free”

Pittsburgh International Airport

When you get to the airport four hours early and there is no Delta Sky Club or AMEX Centurion Lounge. . UPDATE: Flight canceled. Rebooked on the last flight headed NE today.

Gunsite Academy

The gate to one of the funniest places on Earth. @gunsiteacademy

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