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If you‘re lucky enough to be different from everyone else, don‘t change 🇬🇧 @12plusuk 🐺 @snowvdherik ❤️ @robinnieboer 💌

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Happy bday to the best oma ever !!! I’m so happy we went on this trip together ! From watching tv shows, to falling asleep, to riding around the farm, we do it all. And that’s what I love the most, we do everything together 💛👫 I love you so so so much and we’re gonna celebrate it good today! (And not fall asleep 😂) THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU ✨✨✨✨💫💫💫💫

First time to ever ride a horse! And what a special experience 🐎💚☘️🌱 Thank you Dallas you are such a great horse 🐴💛

My beautiful baby Snow 💚☘️

“I’m afraid of falling”, she whispered. He smiles. “I’ll catch you”. ❤️ @robinnieboer

Just a small town girl living in a looooonely world 🎤🎼 😂🙌🏼

Happy Fathersday to the best father in the world 🌎 I have a hero, and I call him my dad 👨‍👧Everything I know, you and mom taught me together. You always make the best jokes, help me in every way possible, and have the best advice. Thank you for being you!!! You are the craziest, most loving, sweetest, most honest, funniest, youngest (in spirit🤪), most handsome 😎 dad ever!!!Sometimes it’s funny how much we are alike and how we think the same way 🤣💛 I love you so much !!! I’m sad I can’t be with you today and I miss you!!!! Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad ❤️

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise” . . 💪🏼💜🔮

‼️ BEAUTY COMES IN ALL SHAPES, COLORS, AGE AND SIZES ‼️ . . To YOU, the one reading this, I hope when you see this picture you feel represented. I hope you feel loved. I hope you feel respected. I hope you feel empowered. Women empowerment and spreading positivity are the MOST important things to me. Because when women support each other, incredible things happen 😏💛‼️ . . With this photoshoot, shot and idea by the amazingly talented @josefienhoekstra, we wanted to prove that you can DO anything and you can BE anything 💖💖 Don’t let the opinion of others stop you from becoming the best version of yourself! When someone tells you it can’t be done, it’s more a reflection of their limitations, not yours. 💪🏼👭

I’m not feeling like writing a caption today so here’s a pic of me giving my ☺️ look. Hope you’re having a great day 🙌🏼❤️

😋😊 FOUR MOODS 😱😁 What is your mood today? . . Mine is probably 😱 because the weather is so bad today but at the same time 😁 because next week it will finally be sunny againnnnnn and I’m happy because then I can finally wear my @kaptenandson sunglasses!!! I can’t wait! I’m always so excited to wear my new stuff. Thanks @kaptenandson !!! ❤️

❤️ EVERY BODY DESERVES LOVE AND RESPECT ❤️ This is something a lot of people forget. It’s because shing is normalized in our society. “You should lose some weight” “You shouldn’t wear that with that type” or “You should eat more” are one of many comments people hear everyday when they are bigger/smaller than society’s “beauty image”. One I personally hear a lot is “You should go to the gym”. Which I do. And when I read a comment like that, I immediately feel like I need to defend myself. Which is crazy since your is your business and no else’s. You deserve respect even if someone does not agree with your life choices; they have nothing do with that. . . Never would I have thought to post something like this. Close ups from parts of my I’ve been taught to hate. But these parts are what make us human, what make us so incredibly unique. No one has the exact se roll as you, no has the exact se stretchmarks, and HOW COOL IS THAT!? 😍❤️ Realizing this is all part of our self-love journey. 😊🙌🏼 . And after last night’s negative events about the @nike mannequin, I here to tell you: You are so much more than the opinion of other people. You are so much more than the perfect picture on Instagr. You are so much more than the expectations of society. You are BEAUTIFUL whatever size you have! Your weight does not define your worth. You are a magnificent human being with all your stretchmarks, rolls, cellulite, scars, birthmarks, etc! Your LOVES you. Love it back ❤️

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it ❤️ @whoisthatblonde

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