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A fourth amigo has joined the fiesta.

Beautiful day with beautiful people!

New lesson learned from experience: When throwing a surprise birthday party for someone 4 months before their actual birthday (because you and your brothers can’t be there during her actual birthday because it’s during the season) make sure you say WHY you’re yelling “surprise” immediately after yelling “surprise” otherwise they will be very confused as to what’s happening 😂😂😂 What an incredible surprise and party for my mom with everyone she loves and cares about her flying in to celebrate her! Also massive props to my dad for organizing everything without being caught by her extremely watchful eye! Such a special night celebrating someone who has given us all so much throughout her life!!

A rare photo of a dad caught in his natural element. Happy Fathers Day AND Happy Birthday to a great man and a great Dad! I love you Dad!

My crew ❤️💙. (Sidenote: Dogs have taken full control of the house. Their range knows no bounds. Kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, upstairs. It won’t be long now until they ask us to move into the garage. We have lost the battle.)

Growing up in Wisconsin, there was no bigger figure than Brett Favre. Everyone in the state (including myself) had a jersey and we all tuned in every Sunday to watch him play the ge with this intense passion and fire that just seemed a little different than everyone else out there. You could tell how much it meant to him by how hard he played. Yesterday I had a chance to sit, talk, watch film and shoot the breeze with that childhood hero of mine. We talked football, life, that ge after his father passed away, Reggie White and so much more. It was a truly special experience for me and one that the 5th grade version of myself would never believe was possible. It made me take a step back and think about this crazy life and how fortunate I to be living out my dres every single day. (And if you look at the last picture, you’ll see me also asking him about that “free” sack he gifted Strahan to give him the sack record. I’ve had 20.5 twice and I’m still chasing that dn 22.5. You know what sounds easier than 22.5? 21.5. Thanks Brett! 😂)

One final surprise back in Houston for @kealiamae!

Land of the Free, Because of the Brave.

I’m the luckiest man in the world.

‪When we made this shoe, the goal was to honor those we have lost and to give back to those who have been left behind. Patsy Dietz sent me this post from a SEAL serving overseas. Never Forget. Stay safe TeamGuy and send our most sincere thank you to everyone over there.‬

H-Town Proud.

Very excited to finally be able to announce a project that I executive produced and also hosted, along with @wattsup34 & @tjwatt90. “Ultimate Tag” takes a childhood game to extreme levels, with insane obstacles and incredible athletes. Coming in early 2020.

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