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We are calling for all the 30 year board members, Fudds, and RHINOs to step down as well as Wayne Lapierre. The NRA has been raked over the coals long enough at the expense of the members. What’s worse, is you’ve purposely catered to the needs of the anti-gun agenda and used the power and influence you’ve gathered to chock up fear in exchange for extortion revenue from the members. Marion Hammer needs the hammer, and Wayne needs the boot. You can keep the suits. @nationalrifleassociation @nratv

That’s right...go ahead and pander to right wing identify politics and make the fight for the 2nd Amendment ONLY about white, Christian, conservative, males...🙄👋🏻 The money ran dry because patriots refuse to support a group of people who play political pool with our rights. Maybe the local Denny’s is hiring? I shouldn’t could be on the chopping block too if YT keeps going down the dictator route...that’s okay though. The difference between them and me is I live the 2nd Amendment...not just when the camera is rolling. Yep I said it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @nationalrifleociation @nratv

You can’t make a Retro rifle tactical that’s blasphemy... @quietriotfirearms says “hold my beer” 🇺🇸🔥 @brownellsinc

@realdonaldtrump you’re a businessman, I get it. So what did our $30,000,000 buy us? Red flag laws? Bump stock bans? Talks of Suppressor bans? What’s next? I’m failing to see how that A+ rating is carrying the slightest amount of weight. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Have to continue the fight at every turn. In the recent Kettler case, they determined that “Suppressors are accessories therefore not protected by the 2nd Amendment” and that “only firearms are protected by the 2nd Amendment” Well machine guns are firearms so it will be interesting to see how they interpret this one. The problem with telling a lie is you have to keep telling lies so we will see how the word smiths will dance around this one! Support @gunpolicy in this fight, and be sure to get involved at the state level to stop all gun laws in their tracks! @realdonaldtrump @gunownersofamerica @nationalrifleassociation

They just keep confirming what we’ve known all along! YT and Google are not about freedom of speech. They claim to be, but really it’s always been about controlling the narrative. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @realdonaldtrump @erictrump @donaldjtrumpjr @flotus @youtube @google @facebook @instagram

Some blues noodling for your Sunday. I forgot to post my weekly guitar video last week. I’m sure the internet will live...🤣👋🏻 If you like guitar slinging and want to see more we have a YT just for music called @guitarsenal_official @officialreaper33 @warriorpoetsociety @john_hickok45

A little shirt shilling for @9mmsmg nothing to see here. A man’s gotta work...🤣🤣🤣👋🏻. Hat from @akoperatorsunionlocal4774 meat by @bearcreekcattlecompany MP5 by @zenithfirearms Always support your favorite content creators and support pro 2A companies whenever you can! Have a great weekend.

Hold onto your . I’ve been trying to tell you guys all along that they aren’t going to stop until they take everything. At this point the left and right wings aren’t in need of being clipped. The entire bird needs to be caged. We the people are allowing a small group of people to misrepresent us and mislead the ignorant. We are allowing them to censor us and remove us from a public stage where everyone is supposed to have a voice equally. We are allowing them to amass power, guns, and influence while they simultaneously attempt to take ours from us. Enough is enough. The people are tired of it, and I seriously doubt @bobmenendeznj (Senator Bob Menendez) will be the number one man in the first stack. I doubt he even knows what that is. I also doubt he has the support of anyone with half a brain who has the testicular fortitude to carry out such an order. I also seriously doubt he understands the fiscal gravity of such a request and his tax money it would take to enforce, much less the waste of life that will result. 🤨

If you haven’t seen the town hall meetting of Illinois Senator @juliemorrison4senate (Julie Morrison) you should go over to our FB page and check out the YT video. It just confirms what’s we’ve known about the Government all along. It’s all about confiscation. It’s all about control. Left or right it’s irrelevant. They want total control over your life and absolute power. Our founding fathers warned us against power people like this. She’s delusional.

Last call for EDC Man Cans before we turn orders in for fulfillment. This one will have a knife in every box. We are super excited to get this one in your hands. (Don’t forget to apply our 15 percent off coupon on the website at the top) Thanks for the support. In these tumultuous times for social media types who happen to support the 2nd Amendment, your support is greatly appreciated. Also, a VERY special thanks to all the people who donated to fight I-1639 in WA. Thanks! Link in the bio!

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