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Need a Lawyer? Work Injury, Personal Injury Criminal, DUI, Family, Immigration 7850 White Ln. Suite J Bakersfield CA. 93309 Contact us: (800)300-2121

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Bakersfield, California

We mean business! Let us help you with your case. Call us for a free consultation at (800) 300-2121. Come by our

It is very important that report every injury to your job. No matter how big or small it may seem. Sometimes people may have serious conditions such as diabetes which may affect the injury x 10. Sometimes injuries can be small and get so affected by diabetes that the client ends up loosing an arm or a leg. Don’t wait to seek medical attention. Ask us how. (800) 300-2121 . . . . .

Meet our case a Manager Erik Sanchez. He is always available to answer all your questions and concerns.

One ☝️ of our intake Call Centers.

This case was unique. Injuries can happen anywhere at anytime with no warning. Working in this field I’ve seen it and heard it all. It is no surprise to me that Insurance companies make fun of our injured clients. Most employees devote their lives to these jobs and help the businesses grow. So why not receive fair treatment don’t you think? . . . . .

Bakersfield, California

Need a Lawyer? Meet Ana Karen, she is one of our intake Legal Assistants here ready to answer your call! Call us for a free Consultation! (800) 300-2121 . . . .

Bakersfield, California

Retaliation against an injured employee is against the law. Many people are afraid to seek legal advice and many people are even afraid to report an injury. Don’t feel scared to do so. I’ve heard it all. “ The general manager is my friend.” - “ It was an accident it’s not my jobs fault I got injured.” - “The company has been nice to me.” It doesn’t matter! Every company by law has to have Workers Compensation Insurance for the same reason. Accidents happen! Everything now n days is insured. Cars are insured, homes are insured, there is even apartments that require rental insurance. If you were injured at work report it immediately. They will make an incident report and report it to their insurance. Ask them to send you to the Doctor. If the Doctor puts you on modified work duty (restrictions) your employer (Boss) must respect them. Contact an Attorney to Assist you if needed. Dealing with the Insurance or your employer on your own can be difficult. The insurance is not your friend! They will try to their best to save money by not providing what’s needed for you or your treatment. An attorney can help you get the Medical attention you deserve along with a Compensation. . . . . .

Meet our Attorney Christien Petersen. One of the best trial lawyers in the criminal courts. Now one of the best Injury Lawyers. . . . . . .

Meet Sheila, she is our Senior Consultant here at Injury Lawyers and is ready to answer any questions you may have. Please remember that consultations are free and always confidential. No one needs to know what you called about or what questions or concerns you may have. . . . .

Not feeling your normal self? Unable to maintain that strong​ healthy due to a work Injury? Construction worker's and Labor Worker's sometimes have heavy duty jobs when it comes to repetitive lifting and carrying. Give us a call today and learn your rights in regards to how to report your work Injury. .

Many times people start to feel from the repetitiveness of lifting, carrying, pulling or bending at work. You may feel the in your hands or your back but think nothing of it because it’s not an injury that happened immediately like a slip n fall or something and you might not be sure if it qualifies as work related. The truth is injuries due to repetitive work can happen and do exist. Call us for a free confidential consultation and we can see what we can do to help. You might be eligible for Medical treatment and a Compensation! Call Now! . . .

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