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Arrogance elemental

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This is going to be one of the last good weekends before the summer misery sets in.

Nice day for it

Yugoslavian M48 Mauser with Yugoslavian 8mm Mauser ammunition. Pretty cool. Maybe I shouldn't dump it in a mad minute.

Eating outside is pretty dang nice.

Oil cooler lines replaced. And it only took all day and one extra trip to AutoZone!

Laminar flow Goodbye coolant

Oh of course

Thanks summer, I hate it

Swapped the AR9 back to standard carbine buffer, it is running 100 percent.

This could render a deer unable to stay alive. We hope.

Well. That's progress.

Yugo M48 Mauser refinish complete. Stripped and sanded the wood (lightly), then stained with Golden Oak Minwax, and sealed with polyurethane. Not period correct but who cares, it's a peacetime, beater Mauser. I was talked out of spray painting the metal parts flat black. Just left them as is; the bluing is mostly gone so I'll use a combination of Rem Oil and optimism to keep it from rusting.

If I told you how badly I needed this, I wouldn't have time to drink it.

Satisfactory. THE TEST is 10 rounds in 10 seconds at 10 yards from low ready.


Review of the @taurususa TX22 is up on @tfbtv and @firearmblog ! If you're in the market for a .22 kit gun, plinker, or low cost trainer, check it out.

Farm fresh parts

Range day with the ORks.

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