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Laughing Dog Studio

Latest work....Georgia O’Keeffe style painted chair 🌺🍃

Laughing Dog Studio

Painted this chair for a friend! Swipe left for the colorful results! 🌺🌼🍃

Smart Columbus

Happy Columbus!!!

Plain City Elementary School

4th-8th Grade Art Campers watching a printmaking demo!

Plain City Elementary School

Mrs. Luker doing a demo with an ink dauber.

Some of the best moments in the art room are when a student takes a project a step further. We were making robots in our morning K-3rd group and this student decided her robot needed moving gears!

Columbus Arts Festival

@jsolari99 and I took the Alice Schille watercolor "Straw Hats" and created a chalk mural of it for the Columbus Arts Festival. Definitely a lot more challenging than it looks at first glance! You can see the original work along with the one that Sheryl and Jennifer chalked yesterday at an upcoming exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art from June 14th to September 29th.

Columbus Commons

Awesome time chalking LEGO characters at Commons for Kids Pirate Day! 🏴‍☠️

Columbus Commons

Let’s make some LEGO Pirates, Columbus! 🏴‍☠️


Can’t wait to paint this pup! 🥰


May be coming back downtown to fix a few parts before the Arts Festival, but I’m pretty much done!

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