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An archive of photographs and stories. Bringing you historical photographs since December 12th, 2016. Looking for sponsors! @historicalmilitaryphotos

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Two Russian soldiers pose for a photo together in Chechnya, 1995.

Soviet M4A2 Shermans in Danzig, 1945.

A group of Yugoslav soldiers pose for a photo with their M70 rifles.

A German tank crew tries to heat up the engine of their Pz.Kpfw.38 H (f) while deployed to Finland, winter of 1941/42.

A German soldier inspects a ruined T-26 tank, 1941.

American soldiers of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade in Saigon, May of 1968.

German Panzer 35(t) tanks leaving a gas station in former Czechoslovakia, 1939.

A Soviet soldier poses for a photo with a captured Romanian Vânătorul de Care R35 tank. This vehicle was a combination of the French Renault 35’s chassis and the 45mm gun of a Soviet T-26.

A Chechen tank during a firefight with Russian troops, unknown date.

Armored vehicles of the 2nd SS ‘Das Reich’ in Russia, 1941.

Rhodesian soldiers pose for a photo with a RhACR Eland-90 armored car.

German soldiers run past a destroyed T-26 during fighting near Leningrad on July 29th, 1941.

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