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Babe. You are the most natural papa bear I’ve seen. You always put us first. You know exactly what to say. Affectionate beyond. Calm and strong. The kids don’t even know how lucky they are that it’s you.... but they will. It’s a gift I get to witness everyday. We love you more than words. This is my favorite picture of you and Banksy on her arrival day. It’s burned into my memory for life, the joy and disbelief on your face makes me smile and warms my heart every time i see it♥️ Happy Father’s Day! Now let’s go get coffee because we still don’t sleep 📷: @rebeccacoursey_photosandfilm

First try was too good not to post. Oh and we saw third eye blind last night.

Luca the photographer

Did anyone see me on @thetalkcbs today? Anyone watching @youngertv tonight??? Cmon tell me tell me! Thank you @allanface @jill901 + @highheelprncess for really turning this girl around from what she looked like rolling out of bed this 😘😘

Buckle up buttercup.

Younger season 6 premiere TOMORROW!!!!!!! Who’s ready for the drama?

Right home to a sick baby 😢😔

@moflo1 bachelorette Success!!! 🥳🥳🥳

Cheesy IM GETTING MARRIED As of one month ago post!

“ughhh she wins all the staring contests...does she never need to blink??” -Luca

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