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@almostheavenoutdoors • • • • • Did a lil shooting tonight, man that was fun. I need to do that more often! @atncorp @expammo @walkersgsm @vortexoptics @Andersonmfg @caldwell_shooting_supplies @gsmoutdoors @highperformancefirearms

What an awesome weekend! HIPERFIRE was lucky to be able to be the title sponsor for the first ever DC Project Team Match! A ton of amazing shooters and gun lovers showed up at Reveille Peak Ranch on June 7-9, 2019 and competed as teams of two in an exciting 8-stage event. Here are a few of the moments we captured during that weekend! Thank you everyone who came out and supported The DC Project! Make sure you save the date for May 23-24, 2020!

It's those little details that help fill out the sound design in a video. Subconsciously, you may not notice when there's good audio, but overall, when it's done right, you're left with a better experience. Here we're clanging on some steel with a hammer when we aren't able to go to the range to get the real sound of a round finding its mark. . . .

Great little crew creating some more educational content yesterday! Teamwork makes the dream work. . . .

@louvaracalle3gun • • • • • Went to the range this morning to sight in my RT-S MOD 7 1-8x28IR-T by @ritonoptics. The targets are at 100 yards, the left one to get on paper and to get the grouping, 12 rds. The right target to tighten up my group, 6 rds. Sighting in was easy and fun. Have a little more tuning on the rifle and will be good to go. @ritonoptics.: optic 1-8 @warnescopemounts : 34mm mount @umtactical : rage comp @jprifles : barrel 16", jp hand guard, slint caption spring @nordic_comp : upper reciver @yankee_hill_machine : lower receive @brownellsinc : BCG @highperformancefirearms : competition trigger

We honor them, and we thank them. May we always be willing to risk it all for what's right. . . .

Tomorrow morning, HIPERFIRE takes a stab at hunting! Not literally. We used guns. . . . @hogwildok

Yeah, girl! Awesome work! @ashley_rheuark • • • • • I like to go fast! 🏁🔥💥 2 hits on paper...shooting ~ My gear: @tarantactical rifle @highperformancefirearms ECL trigger @hornadymfg 55gr. ammo @glockinc 34 with Taran base pads @tarantactical Benelli M2 ~

Black rifles don't have to be ALL black, right? Got a bit of color with a red shoe on this customer's Eclipse, installed in a @primaryweapons rifle! Btw, you can pick up just the shoes on our website! What other colors should we offer, besides red and black?

How many of you have a hard time bringing all of your gear to the range? Just wanted to jump on and do a quick shoutout to @broncbox and say thank you for the awesome case! We are super happy to have it and it has been an absolute lifesaver with all of the guns, ammo, and equipment we take to the range on a weekly basis! If you dont have a Bronc Box yet, you're missing out!

Got the boss man in front of the camera today to talk about some secret tech we're working on. Any guesses? . . . @Kinefinity

Thank you @robert.ochoa3 for the love! Glad you're enjoying your trigger! • • • • • Sunday Gunday finally for the AR9 . Shoots great gets LRBHO doesn’t work but I think that’s normal. Sharkfin for the range 😫 @qtrc10 @aim0holiks @we_are_nerd_ @highperformancefirearms 💪🏽🤓

Feels a lot like fall out there today in MN! Who can't wait for deer season? All of our triggers hit harder than MIL-spec, and our EDT™ lineup is one of the easiest ways to get the advantage you need when every shot counts. . . .                    @vortexoptics @nordic_comp

@darkhoundmedia • • • • • That @vzgrips is a near perfect match to my custom @elyyerian cerakote job! A great grip and I also enjoying the @hiperfiretriggers eclipse!

Got to see the @gnatwarfare Kevin Bacon in our booth at . Cute, but deadly.

@yoshimoto_spotterup • • • • • Overall win this weekend thanks to this bad boy. @qtrc10 9mm glock recievers and barrel with @highperformancefirearms Eclipse trigger, compensator, grip and safety selector. @spotterupteam @greenopsinc

@gh0sttactical • • • • • Had an awesome time hanging out with the guys at @highperformancefirearms and shooting their triggers at the simulator!

Go check it out! You wont want to miss this! Reposted from @theshootersmindset_ - Tonight The Shooter’s Mindset Episode 259 featuring Bryson Allen. Being part of Team Cobalt Kinetics. Bryson knows the scoop on Cobalts Open Pistol, PCC Rifle and more. Don’t miss it LIVE! Tuesday April 16th at 9pm EST. Click link in bio to watch. @brysonshoots @highperformancefirearms -

It doesn't matter if everything matches, as long as it goes boom! Spare parts builds can make great entry-level rifles for new shooters. Get a good barrel, optic, and trigger, and you're on your way! And yes, that's an Eclipse trigger with a red shoe. 😊 . . .                        @lutharllc @vortexoptics @aero_precision

@zacksmithshooting • • • • • Had an awesome time at the 2019 Berry's Steel Open. If you can only make one major match a year, have it be this one. Also, bring a PCC 😂. I was able to hold onto 2nd out of about 100 shooters for that division. But more importantly: I got to shoot almost 1000 rounds on all steel stages while hanging out with some of the best people in the world. Thanks to the crew at @tacticalperformancecenter, @berrysmfg, and all the other sponsors and staff that made this happen! @tarantactical @americanprecisionarms @highperformancefirearms @hunters_hd_gold @shootinginnovations

Yeah, range days are fun, but what will make or break a trade show experience are the people you get to hang with. Luckily, we get to hang with the best. :) We saw many people that didn't get captured on camera, and we look forward to seeing everyone next year! . . . Sorry for the repost! Tech issues with the first upload.                      

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