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The Geissele Ultra Precision 5 Axis trigger guard is available in black and DDC. It adds the finishing touch to that perfect build.

Ultra Precision 5-Axis Trigger Guards are back in stock!!

Get glorious groups with your Geissele trigger!

The Geissele SVPS Submission bundle is your one stop shop for optic and mount. Great deal, awesome performance, and peace of mind that your kit won’t let you down when you most need it most.

And here we have a finished Victor 3, It’s all the little touches that add up to a great blade! Stay tuned as we show you the Sheath making process next!

The Geissele SVPS Submission Bundle pairs the @vortexoptics Razor HD Gen II-E with the Geissele SOPMOD Super Precision Scope Mount. Both excellent and well proven. This bundle gets you the mount for free!

Every great knife needs a great handle. A lot of thought went into selecting the right material for the Geissele Victor 3 handle @abeandmoe . In this video we show you the first step in the handle creation process!

We dip our knives in wax after sharpening. This ensures that the edge is protected and gets to you in perfect factory condition.

Set your sights on Super Precision with our SVPS Submission bundle! Get a @vortexoptics Razor HD Gen II and get a Geissele Super Precision Optic Mount at no cost! Visit the Geissele website and check out “Optic and Mount Bundles for details!

How do we get our knives razor sharp? With lasers and robots of course! Check out the lineup of at @abeandmoe

A little more behind the scenes action of making our new knife! All versions of the Victor 3 knife are available and shipping now! Including Boltaron sheaths for the entire @abeandmoe Geissele lineup!

Boltaron sheaths for our knives are in stock and shipping! These are 100% made in house at the shop! Visit @abeandmoe for more information!

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