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Gear Spool

Simple Gear storage at your fingertips. Join the adventure in creating gear. ⬇️

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Only 24 hours left in the @kickstarter project. The Gear Spool is 50% OFF the retail cost during the project.

Some great shots of The Gear Spool in action 📸 @stormdrane

Five more days. The Gear Spool is half the retail price during the @kickstarter project.

Your adventure. Carry what you need.

99 backers!!! We are grateful for everyone who has backed the @kickstarter so far. The people we meet on this adventure is the real reward for all the work. Thank You - Thank You - Thank You from team Team Gear Spool

DIY hack of the day. String multiple Gear Spools together. So many possibilities.

Just a few of the hundreds of prototypes we made. We aren’t considering the countless hours of revisions a loss. We learned. That’s enough.

DIY hack to make your Gear Spool stand up.

No matter your ride. Be ready for anything

Looking into some Glow-In-The-Dark bumpers for The Gear Spool. If we get them right we will add this to the @kickstarter project as a stretch goal. They would be included with every spool.

If for nothing else Duct Tape👊 Store your your tape in style.

The final prototype turned out better than we could have hoped.

Awesome Survival by @dropforgedsurvival if you enjoy being prepared and survival stuff they are a must follow.

The Gear Spool on Kickstarter Funded 100% in the first 12 hours. Now 200% funded! Get in on the adventure.

Early product testers are loving The Gear Spool! Only 25 days left to get in on the @kickstarter project. During the project all Gear Spools are 50% off retail price. Only $6 for a spool.

Some of the 3D drawings from the R&D phase of the project. We made hundreds of prototypes before we even got to this stage.

One of the best things about The Gear Spool is you choose what you store on it. The possibilities are endless. Be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Tons of things to store on your Gear Spool. Which setup is your favorite? Day 3 on Kickstarter -LIB-

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