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Active duty Military;z list youtube star. @bigdaddyunlimited @gunmagwarehouse @clouddefensive @vertx_official @rosco_mfg Discount code: GarandThumb

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Why is my comp m4s so tiny @lmtdefense 12.5 @aimpointusa comp m5s @arisakadefense 600 series light @bravocompanyusa kag

I never plan reloads into my drills. I love just working off the feeling of the rifle and counting the rounds. Thoughts? @clouddefensive owl @bravocompanyusa mcmr 11.5

Man this thing was such a success... wait. @coltfirearms M45A1 @sangin.instruments @oafnation_actual @gunmagwarehouse mags provided by

Hi Point pls @hipointfirearms @drewhopkins with the utmost of love this is for you @casey_frey_ his video all credits to him

Candella tho. 😤 One glove, half the love @clouddefensive OWL @bravocompanyusa 11.5 mcmr @eotech exps 3-0

Call of duty is looking so good @springfieldarmoryinc M1A Scout in EBR CHASIS @leupoldoptics VX R 3-9

Iron Man 1 vibes @tommybuilt T36C @hecklerandkoch parts @gunmagwarehouse for mags

*Your injuries are not service related*

*Xenia Onatopp breathes heavily* @trike1340 ‘s gun

*laughs in no recoil, excellent ballistics and sweaty marines* @aero_precision build @vickers_tactical sling

Wolverinesssss Video is live @sonsoflibertygw for their help with this video

Name a better pistol caliber carbine @zenithfirearms Z5RS @hecklerandkoch magazine @aimpointusa TL @arisakadefense 600 series light @ferroconcepts slingster

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