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First set of 6X handles in titanium off the machine. With these handles, we set out to solve two issues, the weight and length of the stock stainless handles. Stay tune for availability next month.

Did you know we also have anodized titanium screws for your Bugout? 😉

I’ll never get tired of taking an idea from brain to paper to computer to machine to product. PROTOTYPING new handles for the 6X . It’s been way too long since we did a run. Getting closer.

Brass X Cerakote X Lasers. Having fun with the Para 3 scales.

Go check out the GAW we are doing with @nerdism_edc! You can win a provided by @knivesandtools with copper handles. ➡️ @nerdism_edc

Brass Bugout. Still love how the scales completely transform the Bugout. Photo: @julian12345607

The new scales for the 940 will be available in copper, brass, carbon fiber and titanium. Sign up for our newsletter on the site to be notified when available. They will include barrel spacers so will work with the original 940 as well as the 940-1/2.

The extra weight looks good on you. in copper.

What kind of of accessories would you like to see to replace the bailout? Pry Bar? Bottle opener? Regular backspacer? Other ideas?

The Delica with titanium scales. What would you call this cool anodizing job done by u/charliesean on Reddit?

The new titanium hole stopper for the PM2 and Para 3 features a concave surface with ringed design. Coming soon, sign up for the newsletter to be notified when this guy is available.

Black on black carbon fiber Proper. Who owns a Proper? Photo: @appalachian_blade_addiction

If you are looking for our scales already installed on the Bugout, @bladehq currently has some in stock, ready to ship.

Titanium > Plastic. You in? New titanium ball cage lock.

Cheer up! If you missed out on the last batch of V7 scales, we just finished up more. Available now on the site.

The titanium handled Bugout now available. Premium upgrades. Photo: @kurt_the_viking

All orders placed have shipped or will ship this morning! Appreciate all the support and we’re excited to start seeing these pop up on IG. Tag a friend that needs scales for their (or that needs to pick up a Bugout stat!).

Shipping now. The Bugout has proven itself as a design to be reckoned with, so gave it the full reckoning! Replace your plastic with carbon fiber, brass, titanium or copper. Link in bio.

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