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The highest quality roof top living designed in New Zealand. — Tag to join the adventure! —

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It’s the second to last day of @fieldaysnz already and what a show it is this year! Our Crow’s Nests are unfolded on site RL101 ready for a climb around and the team has had their morning coffees too, so stop in for a chat!

Mystery Creek Feildays

Our Ranger is sitting patiently at @fieldaysnz on @fordnz's stand. You’ve got till Saturday to come down and check it out. While your at it, stop in and have a chat with us at site RL101. The Crow’s Nests are unfolded ready to go!

Silverton, New South Wales

The outback in the winter is one of a place. Calm, still & not a fly in sight.

Here it is, our 2019 Ranger build done & dusted without a second to spare. It really is no mean feat carrying out a project like this in one stint with limited time, but is it rewarding! Thank you to everyone that jumped onboard & supported the build. Swing by the @fordnz stand at @fieldaysnz this week to check out the finished product, it’s the cleanest it’ll ever be… almost time to head south! @hyperdrivenz @frontrunnerza

Kumeu, New Zealand

Now that the tray setup is done & dusted, it’s time to fit out the roof! Here’s where @frontrunnerza saves the day. We're using their Slimline II rack system & add-ons store a host of essentials when on the road. Recovery gear, spare LPG bottle, 45l of water (with rack mounted tap), boards & of course our second home for the winter... a Crow's Nest Extended rooftop tent (the new green one). @fieldaysnz is almost upon us & this Ranger is looking about ready for it’s first winter mission. Head down to @fordnz’s stand this week to check it out.

Winters here... & that’s a good thing right? Just ask @joelmcdowell.

Kumeu, New Zealand

Over the past years of winter trips, we've often found ourselves in some sticky situations. The tracks can get pretty slick after a heavy dumping & you never know what's beneath the snow quietly waiting to give the underside of the truck a punch. Luckily, the Ranger comes with some solid protection underneath, with a factory skid plate all the way from the front to the rear of the transmission. This year we finally got around to building some rock sliders to keep the sills safe and give us some added confidence when things get tricky.


This year we’ve added a new addition to the ‘Outfitter Tray Rack’ we’ve been busy developing. With colder trips in mind (we want to get buried in snow), some extra protection might be need now and then. Working together with the local legends @stashitnz we’ve now got some hefty canvas to keep the tray dry on our @fordnz build. Check out the finished product at this years @fieldaysnz (which is less than a week away… guess we’d better hurry).

Blend into your surroundings with our Green Crow’s Nest.

Kumeu, New Zealand

6 more days until we unfold at @fieldaysnz. We've always wanted to do a rear bar/wheel carrier set up, so next up on the @fordnz Ranger build we spent some time kitting out the rear. First up was extra load springs/shocks to allow for the new bar, tray rack & Crow's Nest set up (still to come). Now that's sorted, we've got some strength to jack up off, the option to take two spares on longer trips (another underneath) & some extra water storage on the passenger swing arm, right where we need it! @hyperdrivenz

Hyper Drive

@hyperdrivenz coming through with the goods. Yokohama G003’s on steel wheels. A tried & true setup that will get us where we need to go. That’s the basics finished off for our @fordnz Ranger build. Next up, some suspension work & fitting out the tray.

Northland, New Zealand

The far north, where the air is warm and the beaches empty.

Kumeu, New Zealand

We're big fans of mounting our Crow's Nest above the tray on the Ranger. Not only does it leave the roof free for gear, but if done right the tray rack adds more storage while the tray itself remains fully usable for everything you need while on the road. This year we're fabricating the final rendition of our 'Outfitter Tray Rack' for the @fordnz build. With the added bonus of having the finalised product covered & water tight to keep our gear dry during winter missions. More progress coming very soon...

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Crispy mornings with the @gritrentals crew. Just one of the perks of exploring throughout the colder months!

Kumeu, New Zealand

With the goal of winter missions behind this year’s @fordnz Ranger build, there will be plenty of solo travel. The first job to tick off is the front bar, winch & some spotties. Not essentials when sticking to the usual tracks but paired with the diff lock it’ll always add confidence when we’re on the hunt for those hard to reach spots.

Silverton, New South Wales

Find a view worth waking up to this weekend!

Wilsons Promontory National Park

It’s getting colder & which means the crowds are getting thinner! Come along as @brookjames_ takes us on a mission through the Wilsons Promontory National Park. It’ll have you packing your bags and planning the same. Now at (link in our bio). @adventuremerchants

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