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Edmundo in the Pacific Northwest has gotten plenty of use out of his gear, and these tried-and-tested tools just keep on ticking.  

A student in Ohio, Wyatt calibrates his for the summer by switching to a minimal carry with a dual knife setup to cover his bases.  

J.S. in the United States thought this keychain multitool lost for good years ago, but now it's back in its rightful place in his .  

Jeff, a youth pastor in Michigan, carries a tough and organized that has almost everything he needs to tackle any task throughout the day.  

Ismael in Portugal keeps his light and easy, packing a slim wallet, a notebook, a knife, and some keychain tools in his daily carry.  

An analyst, Greg in Illinois works mostly in the office, but the handful of tools he carries daily prepare him for more than just desk duties.  

As an architect, Marcel splits his time between the Netherlands and Indonesia, so his performs as a tough and flexible mobile office.  

Having a camera and writing gear in his means that Richard, a video editor, can work on personal and commercial projects wherever he goes.  

Carter in Okinawa made a few changes to his , with a new phone and writing gear, while keeping a military man's "always prepared" mindset.  

Kylis in Massachusetts is still in high school, but his minimal and well-chosen carry includes items any veteran would be proud of.  

Hugo in France keeps his bases covered with an that's built to last, filling his carry with tactical tools and quality leather items.  

As a lab technician, Adam includes a scientific calculator and writing gear to his daily essentials, adding an multitool for good measure.  

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