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🇺🇸✈️🇬🇧Lil homie from NYC ⚽️🧠💭Mental Strength Coach 🎓BS Hons. Sport Psychology 👱🏼‍♀️Blonde Mamba 😎Good Vibes Only 💪🏻♥️Hustle & Heart Will Set You Apart

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Happy Birthday @jamie.redknapp 🎉! Such a pleasure meeting you last week⚽️ Hope you have a great day🥳

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"There's not going to be a Formiga forever, a Marta forever, a Cristiane forever, women's football is up to you to survive. Value it.” 😭👑🇧🇷

I absolutely gutted😭 It was heartbreaking to see @crisrozeira go down & I just kept saying “please get up, please get up, please get up.” The ge changed with her coming off, but I was hoping Brazil would be able to get the job done without her. I feel her role in the te has been so undervalued over the years. To me she is the best & there is nothing more I’d want than to see her lift the World Cup trophy. I was hoping to come to France in the later ges because I was so sure she’d be there playing😭 I really hope this won’t be your last World Cup. More importantly I hope the injury is not too serious!! You make me so proud & inspired always. The ge is so lucky to have a player like you💙💚💛

In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you

LOVE everything about this🙌🏻🧠💭⚽️


to last weekend’s @socceraid 🙌🏻⚽️ What a wonderful night surrounded by great players & mentalities. I know I’ll get a few comments about the teams some of them played for lol ( I did live in Liverpool for 3 years🤷🏼‍♀️), but for me football is football. Champions are champions. Before I supported any team, I played & fell in love with the game first. I always say I’m a fan of football first before any club. It’s rare for me to be surrounded by people who share my passion for the game, so I cherish moments like these. Especially since I can’t play anymore it just makes me feel connected to the game & understood, which is such a powerful feeling. Thank you all for your time & the pictures! So good seeing old friends & meeting some new ones. I’m including @usainbolt in this because *technically* he is a former footballer, but certainly a mentality to learn from😅

Happy Birthday @franklpard 🙌🏻💙🥳 An absolute legend on & off the pitch. A true great not only as a player, but manager as well. This last year you entered a new chapter, stepped out of your comfort zone & created something truly special at Derby. I know it probably sounds silly because it shouldn’t be any other way, but I SO happy to see the support you have from the fans. After all the times my mom had to physically hold me back at NYCFC ges so I wouldn’t get into a fight with some ignorant fans, It warms my heart to see you get the support and adoration you deserve again. I’m not a violent person, but boy those fans tested me😂 I’ve learned so much from you as a player, but I’m learning even more from you now. The way you do your job so passionately & with the se drive & determination as when you were playing. The way you bring a locker room of different ages & different levels all equal together. The way you bring the best out of everyone. I remember a few years ago when you scored the hat trick for NYCFC, I was in DC to see Didier play & I asked him if he saw your hat trick & he said of course! Then I said “But did you know it was NYCFC’s FIRST EVER HAT TRICK?!” & he smiled & pretty much did the 🤷🏾‍♂️ emoji & said “That’s what we do. Make history.” & that just stuck with me. You’ll continue to make history & achieve greatness in whatever you do, because it’s part of who you are. Not as a player but as a person. I hope your birthday is as special as you made mine!! Thank you for all the memories & your kindness. That will always mean the most to me. I hope this year is filled with happiness & success... wherever that may be💙

🐍💕 Thankful @fashionnova makes a dress that matched my neon green trainers😂🙌🏻

Had to save this picture with @rosanafut_oficial for 🤩 I used to watch her play almost every other weekend for @skybluefc , so when I heard she was on the @socceraid roster I couldn’t have been more excited!! It was so great to see her play again & meet her after! I was soooooo nervous🙈 I don’t think I could be smiling any bigger😁 I left the face paint at home this time😂💙🧡

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