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Bio J•E•S•U•S A•R•T M•U•S•I•C T•R•A•V•E•L •&• C•U•L•T•U•R•E |Live with passion|Love with abandon|&|Laugh with joy| 👻SC:elizabethrgrim

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My jam...😊 #💖 #😊 #🤚 #👑

image by ELIZABETH {엘리} (@elizabethrgrim) with caption : "Through your worst day when everything seems to be against you. He loves you. 
When people turn their backs on you and t" - 1716773532451828731
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Through your worst day when everything seems to be against you. He loves you. When people turn their backs on you and try to destroy you. He loves you. When people disappoint you. He will never disappoint. He loves you. When your friends leave you. He is a friend that is closer then a brother. He loves you. When life has your back up against the wall and there is no one to turn too. Turn to Him. Because He loves you. Though you have failed. He never fails. His love is forever. No matter the situation Christ died for us. Not because He HAD to but because HE wanted too. We are His creation. He loves us so much that He took the time to mold and perfect each and everyone of us in His image. His love is the very idea that we should form when we love another person. His love for us is unselfish and undeniable that He was willing to die for our sins. So that we could be forgiven. When you feel like you cant go on just remember that He Loves you so much that He took the time to create such a perfect you. His hands molded every line, wrinkle and smile. You are perfect, beautiful and such an amazing creation in His eyes. Don't let anything or anyone tell you different. Stand tall and lift up your head, because you are the perfect creation of the King. #💖 #😊

image by ELIZABETH {엘리} (@elizabethrgrim) with caption : "In the words of Pastor Paul Mooney..." God is God and we are not..".
That statement is so true when life isn't going as " - 1716198839193941081
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In the words of Pastor Paul Mooney..." God is God and we are not..". That statement is so true when life isn't going as we planned or hoped. We can always turn our faces to God and begin to cry out to Him. God deliver me from this hurt, pain and hopelessness. And God will always be there for us, He has ordained our steps from the moment we were born until now. How great our God is. He is our salvation and hope our deliverer in our time of trouble. And honestly today hasn't been the best day for me. I have cried over old hurts as well as new hurts. My past relationship was my first dating experience. So of course I ignored good counsel to guard my heart and went all in. And from that my heart was broken by a guy who just used me to bide his time until his past was ready to come back into the picture. Yes I have been angry, bitter, jealous and depressed. So the last 4 months have been all about giving it to God, saying not my will, but your will be done God. And let me tell you I have been on my knees in prayer more then I have been in my life. God sometimes has to break us for us to finally understand that the place He wanted us to be in the first place was on our knees seeking Him. I do find it hard to sometimes give ALL control and trust to God. It is in our human nature to try and fix the things around us. But God didn't call us to FIX what He has taken away from us. But He has called us to TRUST, OBEY and know that He has it all in CONTROL. God has a plan and purpose for all of our lives and when we finally understand that God can began to work our life's out the way He wanted to all along. But don't mistake that God doesn't hear your prayer just because he doesn't answer right away. Just like Hannah when she cried unto the Lord in desperation, God heard her and SENT Eli to tell her the Lord had heard her cries and that He would give her what she had asked for. And from that that cry of deperation Samuel came forth and became one of Isreals greatest prophets. Out of your desperate cry can come your greatest promise. So keep holding on to God's unchanging hand, His promise to you is on the way. #💖