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For a good time. 21+

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Wake and bake. 🌞

The gift that keeps on giving. Our Best Bud Set includes a Glass Tip, custom rolling papers and a striped matchbox full of colorful matches, for friends who appreciate life's little pleasures.

It’s officially summer and we’re checking in for a good time. Have a chill weekend.

New Flower goods, coming soon. Swipe to see what we debuted at the last night.

Visit this mini cig case @modaoperandi — if you don’t want to wait for pink, the tortoise version is available on 🌸💗

"I must have flowers, always, and always." — Claude Monet (Image via @britvita)

Welcome to the Garden of Edie.

These fruity Glass Pipes come in colors made exclusively for us by @humbleprideglass.

Take your CBD cocktails to the next level by adding the other kind of 🌸flower🌸. We love these gorgeous, gargantuan ice cubes from @discocubes

Happy Monday from a serious smoke show.

Here's what we're up to this Sunday. Hint: it's green, it's growing and it makes everything look and feel a little bit better. How do you bloom?

Our preferred way to get ready in the morning? A sunken carpeted makeup pit, of course. Just roll yourself out of bed, literally. (Image via @concepttalk)

Aaaand we're live. The trunk show featuring our Resort 2020 Collection of handbags and home goods (i.e. Stash Jars and Tabletop Lighters) in "mood-boosting hues" is now available to pre-order on @modaoperandi.

Just a reminder that our shop at 781 Madison Avenue is fully loaded with good-time-worthy Flower products. Stop by and say high.

Organization is key to a happy home.

Flowers for daze. This Small Stash Jar keeps your goods fresh and airtight. Think of it as our take on an eternal bloom.

Our spa day fantasy.

Allow us to be blunt: our Glass Tips are a must when sharing your stash. They eliminate waste while keeping the end of the joint clean and dry.

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