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What inspires us PART # 2: . . . . A freehand assortment of hand-style designs. 📝 The fineline, the personal, the play on words. @emscottla 💖 WWW.DXCBRAND.COM

What inspires us PART # 1: . . . . A fresh bouquet of multi-colored roses. 💐 The aroma, the nostalgia, the shades of pantones. WWW.DXCBRAND.COM

🌹✍🏽 DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE ✍🏽🌹What better way to verbalize it than to handwrite it? On the top of our bucket list a few seasons ago was an idea to create a letterhead that paid tribute to the beautiful stationary that circulated in the early 90’s. With some major influences by @officialteenangel @bigsleeps & @freddy_negrete 🎭 we made it come to fruition! Amazing to see how full circle stationary has traveled & the variety of penmanships out there! In a very digital age era, keep those pen & paper traditions alive! Keep writing and confessing a feeling 💌 Down to only a handful of 25pg sets & single sheets, snag one or a few while you still can!✨•. ~ WWW.DXCBRAND.COM

DTLA Arts District

Like sweet morning dew 🍈🌤 Vibes courtesy of belleza @raquel_divar via the lens of the divine @misslopezmedia 📷 Raquel is sporting our Original Chambray Button-Up. Customized with inspired Black Felt Suede Lettering + Stitched Classic Paisley Bandana Appliqués. Low stock alert 🚨 Perfect for gifting or gift-to-self. Treat you right. 🖤 Link in bio WWW.DXCBRAND.COM

Levels to this ish. Literally. 🙌🏽 Lil snippet of our textile + handstyle + photo art collab with local photographer @mellymel_allday. Layering and fusing materials inspired by our L.A. born x raised influences. Raw indigo hard denim, original @pendletonwm vintage flannel, and our latest addition to the fabric vault: tequila multicolor serape. One FUN project! We look forward to creating & sharing more artistic ventures with you soon! ♥️🖋✂️

San Pedro, California

VIVA MI RAZA • NOSTALGIA CITY • R.I.P MY FEARS • to keep you reminded of 🌹✨•. WWW.DXCBRAND.COM

VIRGEN DE LOS ANGELES: Our latest textile design is a virgen de guadalupe ornate floral frames paired with a classic black + white paisley bandana/paño. New “L.A. Madre Del Barrio” Raglan available soon WWW.DXCBRAND.COM • ⚜️💐➰

LA DxCOLLECTIVE Classic Bandana/Paño 🕯📿 A limited edition collaboration. Original ballpoint pen art by artist, Sal Treviño @saltrevino_1961. Direct to handkerchief ✍🏽 graphic design. 🖤 Pick up this exclusive now at WWW.DXCBRAND.COM

NOSTALGIA CITY💧14k Gold + Roses ✨ L/S Tee available in select sizes at WWW.DXCBRAND.COM Stay nostalgic friends. ♥️🥀 Happy Sunday!

New DEE WAS HERE ✍🏽 Handstyle Embroidery S/S Tee available in sizes S-3XL at WWW.DXCBRAND.COM 🎭 Sorry for the wait! 😘

New 2-Tone 🍊 Embroidered Satin Bomber Jacket available in select sizes at WWW.DXCBRAND.COM 💣

New Logo Patch/Embroidered HEADWEAR available for a limited time 🎬 at WWW.DXCBRAND.COM 🧢

Phoenix, Arizona

“You have to have a big vision and take very small steps to get there. You have to be humble as you execute but visionary and gigantic in terms of your aspiration. In the internet industry, it’s not about grand innovation; it’s about a lot of little innovations: every day, every week, every month, making something a little bit better.” ✊🏽💯 A quote that definitely embodies our good friend @workingclass1982 Co-Owner of @workingclasscultura in . Much L&R to the family for exemplifying true independent family-owned business ethic, transparency, & integrity standards. @workingclass1982 ・・・ @chuck_serna capture of Myself in my @dxcollective Tee and @cholo_sleds 53 at the @sugarmillstudios X @thequeenofheartslv Shoot

San Pedro, California

“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dres. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.” ❤️✊🏽 @gobs15 @bunch_of_chicanos ・・・ “One good thing about music, when it hits you you feel no pain, so hit me with music now yea yea.” Here I making my Spinning Debut @machinestudio for the Graff battles me and my best crime partner Nat•Rock have been throwing the past couple of months. Of course I had to rock @dxcollective. Thank you to my brother @payforwhat for these shots 🙌🏼

Whittier, California

“Hell hath no fury like a hustler with a literary agent.” 🎩✨ Talking about our homeboy @dreperalestattoo founder of all things tip top! A daily pour of passion & grind, one of the most dedicated dudes we know! Looking sharp in our very first graphic drop, the Original Brand Tee. Look out for our upcoming capsule collaboration available this June! More details to come! WWW.DXCBRAND.COM @dreperalestattoo ・・・ @dxcollective x @dreperalestattoo 🌹🕸

South Los Angeles, California

Contemplating our next big stationery move 😬👟 How many of you copped these in either your orders or at one of our pop-ups?!✨Well if you missed ‘em —no sweat, it’s time for a new pack INDEED. All new stickers, magnets, and pins coming in June! 💖📌 Stay tuned for a 1st look at the gewd goods. Limited pieces for all you collectors & gifters alike! Be the first to snag! WWW.DXCBRAND.COM

San Jose, California

In true Flashback Friday stilo! 📸 Our girl and reina divina @amandita______ from the land of East Side San Jose, CA. Putting on for her city! 🌉🙌🏽 Amandita has not only been a muse, she’s been an integral part of our representation. Broadening our horizon from LA to the Bay. Collaborating with talented elites like @jrgphotography to bring both timeless & classy, quality look book material. Thank you both for your precious time. 🖤 Personalized ESSJ P/V Baseball Raglan was made to order by request. For inquiries on custom orders please email us to or visit us on the web WWW.DXCBRAND.COM

✨L.A. ANGELINA✨ Chocolate Brown Original Button-Down. Prototype detail progress shots. ⬅️ Metallic gold lamé, raw indigo denim, & multi-print textiles turned to patches. Handcut & crafted in . Coming along! Stay tuned for next stages in this pieces journey! 🌹🔮 WWW.DXCBRAND.COM

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