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Dead Foot Arms LLC

Modified Cycle System (MCS) with side folder, MCS Pistol kit, TREX stock, G-Rex Brace, RIP MILSPEC buffer tube. Veteran Owned, 100% made in USA.

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It was funny for like 9 minutes. Props to H&K for winning the internet this week. The rest of y’all are just riding their train tho....

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Please read- SCW Stock and Pistol Brace Update: As mentioned earlier today by our friends at Angstadt Arms @angstadtarms , Dead Foot Arms LLC has assumed the rights to the SCW Stock and Brace system through a licensing agreement. At 2.5” fully collapsed, SCW will be the shortest PDW style Stock/Brace ever to be introduced to the AR-15 market, by a significant margin. Couple of other notes: 1.We know everyone is very eager to see the pistol brace version of the SCW. We will be providing more updates on that product in the near future. We can assure you that it is absolutely going to be offered as a pistol brace and it’s going to be legit. We’ve been listening to your requests and have been using your feedback in the development process. The pistol brace release date has not yet been finalized. Images will be released upon final approval of the design. 2. Website update: We will be adding an informational page on the SCW next week once Russ gets back from Military Duty. Until then, hold tight, and we will have an update for you very soon. Thanks again for your interest and support in our products. - DFA

Pixel Hooker

That nasty boii 🔥💥🔥 MCS Folder Build with DFA TREX Stock from @maligator_tactical

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3 guns. 1 bag. Mobilize in seconds.

The ships of our fathers, and Dead Foot himself. If it wasn’t for these men and their dedication to service, Dead Foot Arms wouldn’t never have came to be. We owe them everything. To all the hard working dads out there....mad props. Have a happy Father’s Day 👊🏼👊🏼

Upset the established order and dominate as an agent of chaos. PC: @dark_alliance__customs

Violating your constitutional rights since 1934.


223Wylde has been outselling 300 Blackout just slightly...Which caliber would you prefer? Komodo Brace or GREX Pistol Brace? PS- you’re welcome for the morning wood 🍆

If you’re near Opelika, AL get down to Southern Survival and check out our products. Proud to have these guys as one of our newest dealers! Follow them at @southernsurvivaltactical


Freedom Friday- time to crush some of that @tatargets AR500 steel 💥💥💥

Haute-Normandie, France

SWORD. OMAHA. UTAH. JUNO. GOLD. They changed the course of history through selfless acts of bravery before most were old enough to drink. We are forever indebted to the greatest generation. 75 years later, the inevitable march of time has led us to the final opportunity to say thank you to the finest men and women to ever walk the earth. Thank you.

Disarm the people they said. You’ll be safer they said.

@rachelbee333 with SBR folded up and ready to roll ・・・ For life on the go Next stop Miami for Kayla & I to celebrate her birthday! What adventures are y’all getting into this summer? @deadfootarms @1776united @forgerelations

So who wants to win a @ballisticadvantage 9mm AR-Pistol with MCS Folder and G-Rex Pistol Brace? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋‍♀️. Visit Ballistic Advantage website to learn more and enter!!

Somewhere On Earth

Our customers remind us daily- the MCS Folder is the best folding stock adaptor on the planet. We 100% agree 👊🏼🇺🇸

Dead Foot Arms LLC

All the fire while folded goodness.....stacks on stacks of dealer orders shipped out this week with the final batches heading out the door today. T-Rex stocks and more folders for those waiting shipping next week. Thanks to all for your business 💪🏼

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