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Davi Rodrigues

16 years old Brazilian novice photographer📷 What's wrong with being confident? follow on instagram: @dixx.theebest

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Si me dan ganas, pues yo lo hago Y si me antojo, pues me lo pago Sigo en la mía, pa' eso e' que yo trabajo Siempre en la alta, por eso nunca le bajo.

And the Sun on my head is my crown I made this queendom on my own And all the mountains are my throne I will be your warrior until my reign to come.

Take me home where I belong I can't take it anymore

Suffocate me So my tears can be rain I will water the ground where is stand So the flowers can grow back again.

You cannot eat money When the last tree has fallen And the rivers are poisoned

Quando nuvens de trovões começarem uma tempestade, Acenda um fogo que elas não consigam apagar.

Repostando 😏😝

The Sun on my head is my crown And all the mountains are my throne.

I can change my mind quickly, and I can cut like a sword

Why wastin' my time? Perdiste mi atención porque no ando de curiosa I only wanna feel good vibes

I'm running with the wolves tonight 📷

Una ruta más de balas viene a mi Disparen más, porque ya Más penas no voy a permitir.

Every scar The flames burnt them all I'm not afraid to fall But if somebody tells me I'll go back to my old ways I'm gonna say: No way!

Pôrto Feliz, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I just keep changin' my colors I'm not in the same place that I was, Not goin' back to my old ways.

So you say I'm complicated That I must be out my mind But you've had me underrated What's wrong with being confident?

Parque das Monções - Porto Feliz

I've gotta keep the calm before the storm. I don't want less, I don't want more, yeah, my life is what I'm fighting for, and my voice becomes the driving force.

Parque das Monções - Porto Feliz

It's ok I really do not want to fight anymore,I really do not want to pretend anymore.

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