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Daniel Ernst

Photographer based in Frankfurt, Germany @germanroamers Contact: Prints | Disclaimer/Impressum on website ↓

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Vancouver Island

A memory from an evening on the coast of Vancouver Island - I just sat down on a driftwood log and spent the time watching surfers while the late sun gave the scenery a beautiful look 🏄


Patagonian daydreams 💭 Swipe to see the full panorama 🤯


Playing around with puddles and reflections in this beautiful forest. After a night sitting out a thunderstorm in our van, @tashi_ka and me got super excited when we saw that it cleared up in the morning. We witnessed this incredible sunrise - and due to the forests proximity to the coast, the trees started to burn in an unreal glow by the rising sun - simply one of my favorites places on the coast 😊

Kellenhusen (Ostsee)

Currently on the coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Germany. Taking @bulli.wilma for a first trip and test the features before heading to Scandinavia next month 🚐💨 Also putting my barista skills to the test 😄


Thousands of flamingos in the highlands of Bolivia 🇧🇴 I remember that day well - we all struggled with altitude sickness while driving through the unreal landscape of the highlands, suddenly a flock of flamingos appeared on every corner and there were thousands of them 😍

Hong Kong

Through the night in the neon city 🇭🇰 Memories from a trip to Hong Kong in 2017.

Faroe Islands

Overlooking the Fjords of the Faroe Islands - it’s amazing to see how fast weather can change here. Moments before this shot the whole fjord was covered by a cloud and only minutes later the whole scenery came out of the fog.

Faroe Islands

It took us a few attempts to see this waterfall with loads of water - luckily it rained on the last day and we were able to enjoy the shower 🚿 😄

Atlantic Ocean

Raw power 🌊 There’s something mesmerizing about waves. Hearing the energy they carry always reminds me how little we are and how powerful nature is.

Faroe Islands

Pretty sure she’ll become a sheep farmer in her next life 🐑

Faroe Islands

// PRINT GIVEAWAY Closed // The rugged island of Tindhólmur peaking out of the Atlantic Ocean. Tag a friend in the comments to win this A3 print - I’ll pick a random person by the end of this week ✌️

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