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Rylan, The Promoter! 📷 (@daily_badass) Instagram photos and videos

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By @lvstipple: Taking this riding shotgun thing to the next level. @masterpiecearms mpa5.7. Basically a side charging Mac 10 clone chambered in 5.7 running a @gemtechsuppressors suppressor and a @sb.tactical fs1913 pistol brace.

Want, Need, Will Have | 📷 @haleystrategicofficial

@av12g flexing on all of us..

God’s Plaid | 📷 @RepublicRifle

Space Gun or Race Gun? | 📷 @infinity_firearms

Badass Shorty | Via @floridaarms

ROG vs Bulletproof Glass 🤷‍♂️ | Via @apocalypzenow

Because reasons 😂

Hmmmmmm | Via @10_8guns

Via @arm.and.gun // Freedom = gun ownership Like if you agree 👊🏻 - 🔫 = @knightarmco SR-25 ECC 💥{.308} 🔫 = @mmindustries M10X 💥{7.62x39mm} - - For the RCMP social media unit: Rifle Magazines shown are pinned to 5 rounds. These firearms are legal to own in Canada with a RPAL and PAL. I carry @ccfr_ccdaf legal defence insurance for defending against offences arising out of the use, storage, display, transportation or handling of a firearm.

Via @drawnfire_lorinmichki “Artist rendering of a US artillery crew firing the new Yeet Cannon at the battle of Belleau Wood.” 1918. Probably.

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