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The official Instagram account for CZ-USA. Firearms from CZ, Dan Wesson and CZ-USA.

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This fine rimfire plinker just earned top honors as Outdoor Life's Editor's Choice! @outdoor_life ・・・ This sweet little rimfire from CZ has some serious competition features worked in to its design, but at the end of the day, it won our hearts—and an Editor’s Choice award in our annual rifle test—by virtue of just being a blast to shoot. CZ’s firearms have a long-standing reputation for their fine metalwork, and the 457 is no exception. All the machined surfaces have a clean, well-defined look, and the action, with its compact 60-degree bolt throw, runs in a crisp, precise manner. The dual extractors never failed to pull a spent round from the chamber, and the fixed mechanical ejector flung the empties away with gusto. We are also happy to see the European overlords at CZ finally incorporate a rimfire safety that disengages when you push it forward, which is standard on American firearms, as opposed to pulling backward when moving from “safe” to “fire.” The generously sized target stock is well designed for shooting off bags or with a bipod. For an adult, the 8-pound rifle can be shot from unsupported fairly easily, but a youngster would probably struggle with it off-hand. The rifle is fed via a steel 5-round magazine that is easy to load and never had any failures to feed. The trigger, which is adjustable for pull weight, overtravel, and take-up, has a crisp 2-pound 11-ounce break. At $752 suggested retail, it isn’t a beginner rimfire, but we still considered it a very good value in light of all its great qualities. - @john_b_snow Photography by @billbuckleyphoto Find it in action in our Stories |

Squirrel dogs and suppressed 22s -- did you catch the latest installment of @project_upland? @jaketerry_photo ・・・ It was a pleasure to finally get this film wrapped for @project_upland Small game hunting is something a lot of us take for granted or just don’t make time for anymore, but we owe it to the future of our sport to remember that small game hunting — like squirrels, can be such a low barrier to entry that it can make it easy to get new hunters involved and can be a phenomenal tool for hunter recruitment. Not to mention, that it’s a great source for organic (and tasty) meat that is plentiful in every state. Kevin Murphy has been squirrel hunting the Kentucky hills for over 50 years and is one of the most knowledgeable outdoorsmen I’ve ever met. I enjoyed my week chasing him and his dogs around with a camera. I’ll certainly be back to hunt with him again. These are some photos from the hunt, but hit the link in my profile to checkout the film. 🤙🏼

Have you ever put 8,000 rounds through a carry gun? @rungunz1 ・・・ When I first got my p10c I was very skeptical. But man does it preform. I haven’t had any reliability issues and it’s just comfortable and easy to shoot. I don’t have a ton of round thru it, somewhere around 8-9k I think, but I’m very impressed.

Cold hammer forged and hydraulically lapped, CZ rifle barrels combine accuracy and longevity. What chambering are you looking for next in a rifle? @czguns ・・・ 🇬🇧 Maybe one of those barrels could be on your own CZ gun?! . . 🇨🇿 Možná jedna z těchto hlavní bude právě na vaší CZ zbrani?! . tells

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