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I’m a firm believer that whoever is meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you regardless how far they wander. And I love u... @hanum_ridwan ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 👭

It really broke my heart seeing these kids hanging around in the wee hours (2am) selling tissues and socks. I constantly see them near my hotel (clocktower) every single night so my curiosity gets the best of me to walk up to them and find out why aren’t they in bed. And obviously,they were working. It really saddened me to see kids their age to be working when they should be in school. They have been a part of my memorable journey. Whenever i passed them, Rahimah (the beautiful girl on the 2nd pic,a Rohingya) will hug me. • • When i left Mecca i felt that i’ve left a big part of my family there. It’ll get all emotional and tears starts to flow. 😭 • • • 🕌

I rarely write long posts but today (1st Ramadhan 1439) I decided to share a really beautiful experience i had in Mecca. So if u have some time to spare do read it! :) • 🌹I missed you Nenek🌹 • We met so often (praying at the same saf,same place every waktu) that eventually we became close and we’re like 1 family. • Even though it was shortlived, I’m grateful that ALLAH gave me the chance to experience this wonderful memories. • • (They aren’t part of my jemaah) • • It all started when this friendly Makcik Zariah (the lady on the 2nd pic. YES! we got the same name! MasyaALLAH😍) came over and sat right next to me with an opening sentence of Assalamualaikum “Mintak maaf kalau menganggu” (sorry for disturbing) as she reaches for the AL QURAN beside me. I said NO. Not at all Cik. • Cut this story short from that greeting “MAY PEACE BE UPON YOU” ALLAH has all 3 of us became relatives in his home. ALLAHUAKBAR. And whenever each one of us misses 1 waktu or was not at the saf (as there were too many pple) it does feel incomplete. • On my last night there. We were praying Isyak together and i burst the news to Nenek Palestine (she was from Palestine hence the nickname 😅) that i’ll be going home the next day she teared and using hand signal (as i’m unable to speak that much Arabic and she can’t speak English at all) she asked me when i’ll be back. She was saying that she’ll miss me and she’ll be all alone at our saf. I kept my feelings inside . I tried not to cry ~ it all lies in ALLAH. Kept telling myself that. • La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah. • I’m tearing as im typing this out as i really misses them so much. It took me awhile to process. Why all good things have to end? 😭 • As for Makcik Zariah. She’s in Perak Malaysia. We’re still contacting each other everyday. She’s like a mother i never had. 💞💞💞 I’m so grateful for the friendship which was brought to us by ALLAH swt. I wish for us to be able to meet again soon in shaa ALLAH. 😢 • • ❤️ 💞

Instagram Image by Nurzariah__Z (@cosshesaidso__) with caption : "Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam never took personal revenge and forgave easily and quickly. He forgave even his wo" at Mount Uhud - 1778915883764542322
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Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam never took personal revenge and forgave easily and quickly. He forgave even his worst enemies. His forgiveness towards Hind (who urged Saidina Hamzah (uncle & companion) to be murdered and mutilated on this very mountain which i was seating on) stands as a witness to his extraordinary compassion. He was always courteous to his enemies and those who pretended to be allies (hypocrites). He knew that some of the pseudo allies would participate in congregational prayer. He was fully aware of their hypocrisy, but never confronted them. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ • • • • 🕌

What’s up with me and these babies?! Guess my face attracts these cuties. Was having breakfast in the hotel with wide spread of food and drowned myself with coffee after coffee and i caught this gorgeous girl looking at me,making eye contact and smiling cheekily! Before leaving, Husband called her but she refuses 😂 so I asked to carry and hug her and gave her a kiss! She’ll grow up to be very beautiful! MasyaALLAH! 😘😘😘 • • • • 🌅 # food