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I 🎤 and make 🎶 with 💻 and (g)❤️

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Show at @carlow_arts_festival tonight is cancelled 😢 After 36hrs of calling, emailing, form filing, tweeting, crying and waiting @ryanair was not able to retrieve nor deliver my equipment back to me, so I have no choice but to cancel tonight’s gig. If I could replace my setup easily I would’ve but as you might imagine it consists of a lot of different and pretty specialised pieces of kit that we couldn’t just rent for the day. You have no idea how upset I to have to make this decision.... It really . Thank you wonderful people from CAF for inviting me to your wonderful event and being so understanding and supportive. Ireland, I’ll be back. 🙏🏻

Some videos from our show at WISE in Beijing a few weeks back! Playing all vocal fx and visuals live with the🤘🏻☝🏻✌🏻🤟🏻👆🏻🤜🏻🖖🏻👋🏻@alvinleeryan on drums, Captured by @laravanmeeteren

Berlin! Playing today at the @factoryberlin x @sonarplusd Creative Code event! It’s gonna be such a great day, so can’t wait. It’s sold out but capacity permitting there will be more tickets on the door. My sista @jamzsupernova opens at 3pm, then there’s a bunch of super interesting panels and I’m playing at 7pm. Wooooo can’t wait! X ———— Pic by @foukographer

Please pinch me!!! 🤯🤯 Het Stimuleringsfonds just granted me the funding to develop ADVAITA : my new live show in which I will be using a full motion tracking suit (as well as the gloves) to control all music and 3D real time visuals. I really can’t believe it and I’m sooooo proud my work and my team’s works is being appreciated and supported in this way!!! Premier of ADVAITA will take place at Dutch Design Week in Oct. So.... Better get to work!!! Eeekkkkk 💖💖💖💖

Hey Ireland! 🇨🇮 I’m playing at @carlow_arts_festival on the 8th of June at 11pm and it’s Freeeeee 💖

China!!! You have been magnificent!! About to board the plane home but just wanted to say that while I’m still here. All of the love to @wisenotwise & @reeperbahn_festival for having me - it’s been a childrensbooklike adventure and I couldn’t have had a better time! 謝謝 🙏🏻💖 ——— Beautiful picture by @foukographer

First ever show in China: ✅!! It was super cool to share the stage with @maviphoenix and @the_hormones for this coincidental all female line up tonight; no one even noticed it was all girls because we all just kicked 💖🙏🏻 @wisenotwise team, thanks for bringing us here and taking care of us so well!! (btw we call you the “wise guys” 😏) Thank you @alvinleeryan for being not only the best drummer but also the funnest person to travel and eat dumplings with. And last but not least thank you beautiful peoples of Tianjin including this super cutie @emilylee92 Ok sleepytime now. Next up: my Saturday talk at UCCA in Beijing at 16.25 and Sunday WISE x @reeperbahn_festival show at 17.30 at DCC also in Beijing weeeeeeee can’t wait 🤟🏻

One week until Beijing!! On Sunday 19th of May we’re playing at @wisenotwise at the Danish Cultural Centre in the 789 Art District - it’s free + RSVP only via the WISE website. So excited for this next traveling adventure and playing with @alvinleeryan again 🥰 —————————— Photo taken last week at @copenxrealities

Excited to play and speak at tomorrow morning! First time in Copenhagen for me; any tips welcome 🌟🧜🏻‍♀️

Two weeks until... CHINA!!! 🇨🇳 I’ll be playing at @wisenotwise x @reeperbahn_festival in Beijing on the 19th of May and I couldn’t be more psyched! It’s been a dream to explore this vast and intruiging place so feeling very lucky my music is bringing me there 🥰 Tix RSVP only via the WISE website xx ——— Pic by @benhoudijk at @sxsw @newdutchwave

Last week at the launch wearing the new gloves designed by @rachelfreirestudio and outfit styled by @francesco.colucci82 🌹pic by @wareable

As some of you might not know I’ve not only been using the as an artist over the past 3 years, I’m also part of the development team working on the software and User Experience side of things. So it makes me extra proud to announce that from today you can pre-order the new shiny beautiful 60% recycled materials amazing gloves via our website I CAN’T WAIT to see and hear what music will be created with them because as I know from experience the possibilities are endless. This technology has empowered me in so many ways creatively and professionally, I just wish everyone to have it 💖 P.S. The parts I’m playing in this video are taken from my upcoming tune “Dallas” & styling by @francesco.colucci82 🤘🏻

A documentary created by Kristian Altuve about my visit to Chicago in March 2019 when I performed at The Den Theatre and spoke about my work with the MI.MU Gloves at Columbia College Chicago.

My True Colours 🍭 Pic by @benhoudijk taken at @sxsw @newdutchwave

Had the pleasure of talking to the brilliant @danideahl about my show at @sxsw and beginnings of a new show using real time full-body motion capture (and of course) Find the full article on @verge 💖 Big shout outs to my team @studioaszyk @ruudodk @leyla_rees @sfunzer for helping me create the prototype of the new show; @vree_experience @xsens3d @effenaar @lumolabs for supporting this project; and @newdutchwave for hosting my performance in Austin 🙏🏻

Thank you @music_dot_com for letting me talk a bit about the origin and making of of some of my songs during @sxsw. Here’s some backstory of Sappho Song 👭 Find the whole story + a few more songs on

Found myself another big screen! Soundcheck in Stockholm for —— Visuals react to the movement of my Design by @eduardo.fitch & @mostlynoise

The Den Theatre

Can’t believe it’s almost been a week since this most wonderful night in Chicago! Last Wednesday at @thedentheatre was so so special. All of the thank yous to everybody who came down, listened, cheered and danced with me! I loved doing the Q&A at the end too and have a conversation with you. I was so moved by the sense of community there is in this city and the power of people coming together creating beautiful things. So much motivating and inspiring, hopegiving energy. All of the love to @truejoshdraper for creating the event and the countless music and visuals artists traveling from all across the US to share their work while we hit Spring together. Pic by @kristianaltuve

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