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Capitol Armory is a central Texas FFL specializing in suppressors, SBRs, and high end firearms. 512-879-1068 M-F 9-5

Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company

+1 5128791068

2000 Windy Ter, # 1A Cedar Park, Texas

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Just some @silencerco Promo Cans sitting on shelves. ***everyone has been notified*** SilencerCo is shipping everyday so we should get the rest of ours very soon ☺️ We had more but some were picked up by NFA Ballers & some out of state customers that accidentally chose us as their local dealer. While some are upset with the delay in getting these cans out, we appreciate what they’ve done. Because of this promo, 1000s of people finally got into NFA. It was amazing seeing how many new customers came in saying that they were done waiting for NFA. When all these cans start getting approved, you’ll be hard pressed to find a range where someone isn’t shooting suppressed. Just think about how many silences that we & other dealers sold for SilencerCo to give away 13K cans 🤯

This has been an interesting couple days

We have a friend who lost 65lbs & has all these (once used) @sitkagear that won’t fit. If interested contact him at Selling for 1/2 off retail Mountain Jacket - 2XL Tall - Retail $269 Mountain Vest - 2XL - Retail $169 Mountain Pant - Men's 42 - Retail $199 Jetstream Jacket - 2XL Tall - Retail $329 Kelvin Active Jacket - 2XL Tall - Retail $289 Kelvin Lite Vest - 2XL - Retail $169 Core Heavyweight zip T - 2XL Tall - Retail $90 Core Heavyweight bottom - 2XL - Retail $70 Traverse zip T- 2XL - Retail $149 Timberline Pant - Mens 42- Retail $229 Stormfront Jacket - 2XL - Retail $599 Stormfront Pant - 2XL - Retail $549

@hushpuppyproject M&P Slide Lock pistol + Multi Chamber Wiped Silencer The Silencer can be configured in multiple sizes for preferred level of insane suppression

Be the quiet amongst the noise @knightarmco XM9 on @modarmory Beretta 92 Slide Lock

Happy Fathers Day

Just a quiet time w @timkennedymma & @texas_swine_snipers 🙌🏼 Thank y’all for the love & support y’all show us ☺️ Repost @texas_swine_snipers

We only have a few

GHM9, APC9 & APC-SD’s will be arriving any day now! Give us a call tomorrow if interested 😎 @troymcmullen showing off how fast & easy the @brugger_and_thomet collapsible brace is. Their collapsible stock works the same too

@tacart_customs did another beautiful job for us 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Hit him up for your next stippling job!

Which one do you prefer? Left: @brugger_and_thomet APC9 Pro Right: @brugger_and_thomet GHM9

@moose.66 reppin how we do it in Texas! Repost @moose.66

Shout out to the 1000s of Texans who keep this Great State Quiet!

@ivanv1987 captured our @silencerco Chimera doing what it does best...taking abuse on a m240b while sounding great! Not everyone needs a can that will outlast your firearm but some of us do. That’s why if you run your guns hard, it would be in your best interest to get silencers made of Cobalt-6, inconel & C-300. Stainless Steel is great for normal use & reduces weight. Titanium & Aluminum are great for hunting. @ivanv1987 with @get_repost ・・・ Silencerco chimera on a 240B

Two 36’s @hecklerandkoch G36C @tommybuilt T36 @deadairsilencers Wolverine in the HK @energeticarmament Vox K on the Tommy Built

Further research is warranted but if the Executive Branch is telling the Judicial Branch not to hear a case, this cannot be a good sign. I remember seeing this quite often with Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela. When checks & balances are not followed, the rights of the people fail to matter. Screen grabs from @abcnews

That sound doe!!!! @mageever with @get_repost ・・・ (sound up!) It was wicked fun shooting at @discreet.ballistics sound testing event! Thanks David and Cody for hosting such a cool testing day.

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