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Ink is the base. From there, colors, paper and techniques flow together into one perfect message. A story that begins on paper. Let’s start printing.

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Zandvoortstraat 6 Mechelen, Belgium

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Working at a printing company is an indescribable feeling. 🤓 You are working with materials and techniques you can't get enough of. . . We always see the materials leaving our office, but never see them in use. 🔥🔥So when we saw this image, we were pretty excited. Have you seen these menus yet? 🍟 . . Designed by

Eye catching printed matter is a combination of great design and marvelous paper with a suiting printtechnique. The sum of the taxi-cab yellow 🚕 with Marvel comics-style illustrations 💥 and solid New York-type treatments 🗽 is a delicious experience for the eyes and the taste buds. That's why we're such a big fan of these menus for @manhattns. . . Are you hungry yet? 🍔 . . Designed by

🔥PRINT VOCABULARY Embossing is a finishing technique whereby an image is pressed into the printing paper using a die. The resulting image is embossed if it rises above the paper level and debossed if it sinks below the paper level. . . To create a tactical experience with the menu 🍽🦐, we've embossed the logo into the paper. . .

BUSINESS CARDS 🎫 You already knew that we are a big fan off creating a visualisation of your (business') identity. A business card represents what this is all about. . . It’s the most effective way of promoting yourself and your brand offline. 🤓It will create a physical connection and bond between you or your business and your customers. . . Inspire us with your design! 🔥 . .

Brand identity for a restaurant in Putte. It's a nice family restaurant where you can go for lunch or gastronomic dining. The menus are printed on Tintoretto Gesso paper from @fedrigoni_benelux, as are the businesscards. The logo is pressed into the paper with an embossing print technique. . . . .

A presentation will be that much more special, that much better received when you present them in a way that stands out, don't you think? ✨🎁 Custom presentation boxes add that extra value to it. . . That's why the creative team of Lunch Garden and our paper experts decides to enhance this 'Bistro Bar Brut' presentation in a big, linen and lasercutted box. All personalised and custom made to the restaurant's style guide. . . When will you create your presentationbox? 🔥 .

How do you present your concept on paper? When Lunch Garden came to our paper experts, they needed to make an exquisite presentation for their new restaurant 'Bistro Bar Brut'. And oh boy did they succeeded! 😍♻️ By choosing eco-friendly papers that have the right look and feel, this concept was a winning presentation. . . Did you already enjoyed the good food at Bistro Bar Brut? . .

This beautiful looking conceptbook is covered by Environment Grocer kraft paper with a finishing touch of copperfoil. 🌳♻️This paper is influenced by colors and textures in the real world. It's a great paper to use for communicating your message naturally with exquisite colors inspired by nature. . . How do you let nature influence your live? . .

This design is a cooperation between @kunstinhuis and our creative experts. 🌵 It's printed in offset on Munken Print White paper from . This paper is specially made for printing books. What do you think of the result? 🤔

By combining the best features of mechanical pulp and wood-containing paper, developed this Munken Print White paper as the ultimate paper for books. 📚This white paper has a high quality with a sensitivity and prim that's suitable for most books, printing in colour or black and white. The same quality can be used for the cover as for the inside. What do you think of those colors? 🎨

Today is . A day to be more conscientious about how businesses affect your life daily and make smarter decisions about how you buy products. AkzoNobel is a good example for this matter. 'Let's Colour' is a global movement from Levis and AkzoNobel to transform grey spaces with colourful paint. Have you ever thought about how much this product is involved in your life? . . This brochure is digitally printed on Maco Silk paper from @igepa.paper.print . .

This brochure was the start of a campaign in 2016. 🎨The customer delivered us a layout they were not happy about. So we did what we are best at: solving their problem. 👑 By using our creativity and expertise, we made this brochure match the brands identity. . . Did you find your favorite color yet? . .

If you have a not too magazine or brochure made, you can consider stapling the inside onto the cover. Stapling is a simple but effective way to keep your documents together. That is why this method is ideal for this brochure. For easy turning of pages there is a choice of 1 staple in the corner or 2 staples on the side (booklet) for extra strength. . . Did you know that stables are available in different colors? . .

There is an abundance of options, colors, paper types, finishes and traditional techniques to choose from in creating the perfect message. Our mission is to advice our clients the right way so they can tell their story correct. For this project, Maco Silk paper for the business cards and Sulphate board for the cover were not enough. That's why we added a matte lamination. It gives the right softness and luxurious feeling @dmdepot deserves. . . What story do you want to tell? . .

The Matte finish off cards possess smooth, non glossy look and appear quite stylish. These cards are laminated after the end of printing the colors in offset. This makes the cards softer than regular ones. . . Ever felt this soft feeling of paper before? . .

You can choose different ways of bookbinding. For this project, we decided to go for threadless binding. With this method the back is firmly glued to the content of the catalog. You get the most luxurious and professional look by printing on the entire cover, including the back. What did we do to make this project great? We've laminated the cover to create the right feeling while holding it in your hands. . . What cover will you go for? . .

This cover is printed on G Print White paper from @arctic_paper. With a beautiful blue PMS color, we created the cover. But that wasn't enough. It was missing something, but what? All we needed was a matte plastification and a 3D varnish printtechnique to create the perfect 'look and feel'. . . Designed by @tricksforbricks . . color

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