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Just a 18 year old guy from the netherlands who likes taking pictures of knives.

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Just got my first full custom knife🤗 everybody go check out @bgmknives. if you want a really good quality custom knife at a really reasonable price contact him, you wont regret it. . . .


I'm super stoked about this one. This is the second opinel I've done that has an acidwash and i really dig how it looks. If you are interested in buying or trading one please send me a dm, I'm thinking about 45 plus shipping . . .

3 awesome makers right here @mightyhanks with the Buffalo plaid mini hank, @knifeguys with the tipsy turtle and @kravaknives with the edc scalpel Also does anyone else notice that the quality of the picture decreases when you upload it to instagram? This is the second time i upload this picture cause the first one got really blurry when i uploaded it .

The @gil_tek ruk v2, i absolutely love this little utility knife. I only had it for a couple of days but it has already helped me alot. . . . . .

I've been trying to step up my photography game for a long time but this is the fist picture in a long time that i actually quite like, what do you think? . . @riteintherain notebook @kravaknives edc scalpel @picaroontools the dead catch @fisherspacepen brass bullet . .

Carrying the @kravaknives edc scalpel for this . a very usable little fixed blade. Small enough to be carried in the pocket and still amazing at handling small edc tasks. . . . .

Now this is something to come home to : the @amareknives paragon. This is such an awesome knife, it is non locking but it uses the A-joint mechanism which is a slipjoint mechanism that allows for great retention when open and still a super easy opening. this combined with the milled g10 and the great n690 blade makes this knife an awesome gentleman's knife or a edc knife for people with strict knife laws . .

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