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When you're headed to the range for the week & don't want any downtime you just grab them all... right? Riiiight? 👀😎

In light of recent proposed legislation, there’s no better time to learn more about the American Suppressor Association at 🇺🇸

Bureau of Propaganda Field Agent @hoosierpapi55 diggin’ deep in the safe for this one! If ya want to have some fun, promote something we all believe in, and have a chance to get one of these patches it requires only two simple steps: • Post cool, interesting and otherwise badass, gun-culture, or 2A related photos/videos • Tag @brownellsinc or on those photos/videos Only a few patches are given away monthly and those who receive patches will be eligible for other prizes/gifts/gear too!

This week, Paul Levy has a lot of new products to show us, starting with the Qube Compensator from CGS Suppressors & more!

Brownells, Inc.

"I always loved the 1911 since the first time I saw one as a kid. About 10 years ago I purchased my dream 1911. Since then I have put well over 10,000 rounds through my Wilson Combat CQB. It has accompanied me to numerous courses and is one of my favorite pistols I own. While it is no longer the work of art that it was when I first purchased it, it now has a worn finish that only years of carry and rounds down range can create. While not my first or my last handgun it will always be my go to 45." - Brownells Customer Weston B for Sunday Gunday

Brownells, Inc.

"My dad had always wanted me to build him an AR-15 pistol and March 2018, I was finally able to deliver. He settled on 300blk for the caliber because of the availability of factory subsonic rounds. He couldn’t have been happier with the result. I put a little character into the lower as my dad is a pilot and loves the old WWII fighters. Needless to say, he appreciated the touches. I painted everything myself with Testors paints and clear coat. The finish has held up very well and the gun functions flawlessly no matter the factory load, thanks to Brownells and their high quality inventory. I’m a gun person because of my dad. I was proud to finally build him one." - Brownells Customer Jerome M for Sunday Gunday

Brownells, Inc.

"This is me sighting in my Winchester Model 70 Super Grade Maple in .30-06, 'Blondie.' I'd seen pictures of the Super Grade Maples online, but they don't give the guns justice. When I saw her in store with her tiger stripe-like wood grain I had to have her. I currently just target shoot Blondie and she definitely turns heads at the range. I hope to take her on the big game hunt she deserves someday." - Brownells Customer Kyle N for Sunday Gunday

Brownells, Inc.

Made with brand new, fully-modern materials, Brownells Retro Rifles are faithful copies of classic Eugene Stoner designs. Hold history in your hands.

Brownells resident gun historian @r_k_ford discusses the finer points of the elegant, innovative, beautifully made, classic yet futuristic 1905 Steyr-Mannlicher Pistol.

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