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I’ve got one up for grabs, this one has a single sided tomato red micarta inlay with bronzed titanium pivot hardware. Shoot me an email if you want to claim it.

Glad to see this custom VPK is all finished up! This build was my first liner lock, mammoth chunks, and washers on a project. I’m pumped with how it came out 👍👍🔪🔪. This one isn’t available, but I have one more run of VPKs left. Click the link In my bio for more info and thanks for following along!

It’s starting to look finished. There are some details left and it’s missing the pocket clip, but I’m really happy with how this ones coming out. The mammoth was a learning experience, but slow and easy minimized the mistakes.

Im making a custom vpk with mammoth tooth scales. It’s also the first flipper I’ve made using bronze washers. It’s almost as smooth as the ceramic ball bearings , so I’ll chalk that one up as a win 🤞. I have some clean up work and shaping to do, but it’s functional!

Ever try to imagine how a wooly mammoth tooth would taste? It’s pretty close to how I also imagined a million year old burning pile of hair would smell and subsequently taste.

This one took a little longer than I would like to admit to anodize. It’s a mix of low voltage green and higher end bronze. The green neutralized a lot of the purple that tends to show up in the bronze. Anodized colors are caused by a prismatic effect as light reflects back and forth through the oxide of the titanium. The finish quality can drastically effect the color too. I’ve had a lot of fun mixing matte, coarse, shiny and smooth finishes to get different effects

This one was a one off experimental piece. It’s a general use style, but I wanted to focus on some new handle geometry for future kitchen blades. I was inspired by @dsn_knives and @thompsonknives for the and pinch grip fuller. It came out well, but I want to work on sharpening up the geometric lines.

VPK-V1 frame lock. Two tone satin / hand rubbed blade. Blackened and stonewashed titanium frame with anodized titanium hardware

VPK-V1 bolster lock. Two tone satin / hand rubbed blade with wild ribbon carbon fiber from @john.blazy_dichrolam_llc for the inlays on both sides. This ones unique, so far it’s the only one without a pocket clip. ( done by request)

VPK-V1 frame lock. Two tone satin / hand finished blade. Stone washed grey frame with anodized titanium hardware.

VPK-V1 bolster lock. This one has a 1200 grit hand rubbed finish for the blade and vintage appliance blue micarta for the inlays on both sides.

Hey folks! Remember me? I didn’t fall off the edge of the world, I’ve been cleaning and organizing. As a self employed person, I work pretty much all day everyday, and projects for others tend to take priority over our own needs. We planned on taking a few days off between Xmas and New Years to tackle the list of small fires that have been preventing full throttle knife making. Three weeks later, I’m almost done haha. I refinished a few storage cabinets, built some shelves and purged everything that fell into the “I don’t know why but, I might need that some day”. All that’s left is to put the things I actually use back into their designated locations. I’ll be back at it soon, we’ve got some brand new stuff to launch for 2019. Stay tuned.

Finishing up this little AEB-L utility knife today. I’m digging the sea foam green scales 👍👍🐍

This one came out awesome 👍👍 I’ve got a few more of these to make, keep an eye out for some available VPKs later

90s jams and Koa day. Yo! Instagram deleted my audio because the radio was too loud. Sorry @saltnpepaofficial, I guess I owe you a dollar.

I’ve got some flippers back on deck! I’m doing this first one with Koa scales, but there’s two brand new versions of the VPK in this next round.

I’ve had warm monotones on the mind; I caught myself putting this same combo together on a few projects recently. I like how this one came out all around.

I haven’t made any of these for a while, it’s been fun hollow grinding again.

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