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Trying a low powered variable optic on one my ARs. I’ve shot with these types of optics before, but this will be my first personal setup with one.

The Range

I was unsure if I would like the G48 and 43x when they first came out, but after shooting both I can say I actually like the two. The extra surface area makes the gun much more comfortable to shoot. The 48 reminds me of my 19s in a single stack form which made shooting it even easier.


Ran the newest AK yesterday for the first time. Not a single hiccup so far. Being 5.56, this is probably the flattest shooting AK I’ve had the chance to shoot.


Parts are slowly trickling in for the 5.56 AK build. I have always enjoyed how the @lantac_usa dragon makes a gun feel, so this gun will be threaded soon for it. Plus it is an ASR mount for the suppressors. 🤫


When you only bring 22lr 🤷🏻‍♂️This was the first time that the 10/22 Backpacker had ever been fired without a suppressor.


My first AR pistol has gone through some changes and I’m sure it will again. This pistol fits so many different needs.

The Miami Armory

Summer project. Snagged a 5.56 AK from work this week. I call it a summer project, but knowing me it will be done In a week or so.


I have been exclusively carrying with the @tier1concealed Agis for months now. Not saying that I do not enjoy my other holsters, because I have plenty, but this seems to be the best carry setup for myself.


It makes a 7.5” AR bearable to yourself and everyone around you with the addition of ear pro.


Getting closer to completion. A good friend helped me dimple the barrel for the gas block last night on his CNC machine. That gas block isn’t going anywhere. Last step is to pin and weld the ASR flash hider.

Somewhere Awesome

I just need to figure out my optics situation for a few and finish the BCM build. I didn’t anticipate the Saint Edge showing up so soon or I would have waited to start building the newest one. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra I suppose.

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